Review of Sarah After Dark Secrets; East London, Greater London

Written by IfItsCheapImCheerful on 24 Sep 2010

The Review

About the location

I was booked in to a hotl on the a12. Not gonna say the name of it. But for 25quid I aint complaining!

About the escorts personality

She at first seemed shy and i thought oh here we go! But then after getting the business stuff out the way she was more relaxed, shes very pretty wicked figure i aint one for sizes but I think she was about a d or e bust, nice and bubbly

About the service provided

Excellent service really nice girl, 10 outta 10 for her o/w! Proper made my toes curl! She didnt rush or hurry me and didn ask for extra money! Happy dayz!

Further information

Defo worth booking if ya like busty girls that do o/w

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