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Offering some of the finest escort services for gentlemen within the London area, here at Belles Escort Directory we hold a hugely impressive portfolio of London female Escorts listed within the pages of our directory. As a leading provider of stunning escorts in London, it is our goal to continue offering a flawless service to our many new and existing clienteles who call upon the services of our escorts for a plethora of different uses. Many, who are purely seeking an attractive, intelligent and charming individual to join them at corporate dinners and events for example, can discover the perfect choice easily by perusing the many sites listed within our directory at their leisure.

In the same instance, perhaps those seeking more intimate encounters or the option to share their escorts company for the evening can also find a fine selection of ladies from which to choose the best escort London has to offer that suits their needs exactly. Offering a wide range of ladies in assorted price ranges, Belles Escort Directory has a wonderful selection of highly professional ladies who charge very reasonable rates, making us one of the best places to discover the finest cheap London escorts available. Featuring a broad spectrum that contains many women, our customer satisfaction and welfare of the London escorts listed within our directory are our main concerns and we initiate everything in our power to maintain a friendly safe atmosphere for all our ladies and our clients, to ensure the most satisfaction is achieved.

When searching for escorts in London, you can find peace of mind and total satisfaction with Belles Escort Directory, providing a wonderful assortment of wonderful escorts in London just waiting to provide you with the company you desire. We invite you to visit us and view our extensive galleries today, assisting you in finding a perfect date for your next important public or private event, or perhaps a night out on the town, wining and dining with excellent company. Whether your choice is for expensive or cheap London escorts discover some of the most beautiful, admirable and popular ladies here at the number one choice for an escort London clients will always choose.

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In a world where the female form is admired more than ever there is a strong need and popularity for a range of escorts, whether as a fun partner for a casual evening or a sophisticated guest for a dinner date or corporate event. In any case there are literally thousands of girl escorts operating across the UK today. Operating in and around Central London, here at Belles Escort Directory we offer a compendium of exceptional busty London escorts, some of the most beautiful and stunning ladies within the London area.

Our level of professionalism and choice of exquisite ladies only fuels our popularity as a leading London escort directory, featuring a superb and varied selection of curvy, slender and busty London escorts who are available for any event, occasion or personal purpose, whether to partner you at a social gathering or corporate event or simply to join you for a quite meal when you require the company of a friendly individual, who can offer captivating company, intelligent conversation and a thoroughly enjoyable evening’s entertainment.

Presenting a wonderful array of youthful, gorgeous, discreet and exceptionally personal escorts across London, Belles Escort Directory offers you access to over two and a half thousand escorts to suit your tastes, needs and requirements today and await your call now.

London Escorts

The description of escort services today challenges the original meaning of the term. London escorts are now thought of as companions, rather than paid sex partners. No longer can London escorts be called prostitutes or even strippers. They do not work for brothels, but rather, work for legitimate escort service agencies. These professional escorts are not simply working girls off the street. London escorts are expected to carry a certain level of sophistication and professionalism and are not merely high-class prostitutes.

Since the dawn of the new millennium, London escorts have been more than prostitutes. London escorts are often hired to accompany clients out to dinner, to go to business parties, or just to provide companionship and pleasant conversation. The world of escort services has truly evolved in the last ten years. London escorts have been at the forefront of this changing world of companionship services.

Working as an escort is becoming a much more acceptable job, or career, opportunity for girls and women than it used to be. As escort services increase in popularity, more London escorts agencies are going into business. Although some escorts may be reluctant to sign on with an agency, London escorts agencies are the best way to do business for most escorts. In this way, escorts can avoid being called prostitutes or strippers, or worse yet, working in actual brothels. Escort agencies are a way to keep London escorts safe and clients can also be assured of confidentiality when working with escort agencies. However, it is illegal to work as a sex worker under the control of someone else (i.e., an escort agency) in the United Kingdom. Be sure to delve into your expected duties before signing on with London escorts agencies. If sexual favors are part of your job expectations at one London escorts agency, move on to the next one. London escorts can afford to be choosy with so many legitimate agencies from which to choose.

As long as women aren't working on the street, in London they usually qualify as escorts rather than prostitutes. If London escorts are not soliciting business in a public place, they are usually working within the law. Girls who are working with other girls offering themselves as escorts, however, are considered to be working in a brothel. While this is not illegal in the United Kingdom, owning or managing brothels is against the law. All London escorts must be at least 18 years of age in order to work legally.

It is legal for London escorts to offer massage as part of their services. If they are not on the street soliciting business, most London escorts can legally give a massage, sexual or non-sexual, to clients. Many London escorts are skilled or trained in various types of massage, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage, hot stone massage, Thai massage, and sports massage.

Beautiful, friendly, sophisticated, and professional are all words that can be used to describe London escorts. Showing clients the utmost respect, these escorts fulfill all of their clients' requests. London escorts typically advertise online, so that clients can view photos of these beautiful women. Escort agencies that do their bookings through the internet promise clients privacy and security when hiring an escort. These escort agencies showcase their boutique of gorgeous women online so clients can make their own choice. London escorts usually list all of the services they provide in their advertisements on the internet so that clients know exactly what to expect from their encounter. Massage, companionship, and witty conversation are all services included on the menu of London escorts.

London escorts are available in all shapes and sizes. From Asian to Eastern European to American to Latin to African, all types of women work as London escorts. Clients of London escorts services may choose the escort they desire by viewing the array of options online. Here, clients can view an escort's facial appearance, body type, nationality, services provided, and rates. Often if the escort a client chooses is not available, the London escorts agencies will recommend a replacement who is close to the same qualifications.

In addition to companionship and, occasionally, massage, some London escorts will fill in as a substitute for a missing girlfriend, even cooking and cleaning for clients if they so desire. Many clients of London escorts are simply looking for someone to talk to who will listen to their problems. London escorts are happy to oblige in this area as well.

Many London escorts are also available for hire as models. They are not just glorified strippers, or even rich prostitutes, but rather, high class models who are open to a variety of possibilities. Some men are just looking for a beautiful woman to have on their arm at business functions. Others are looking for a potential date, or, possibly, even a mate. Long-term or short-term companionship is offered by London escorts. London escorts agencies are not merely brothels that offer girls for hire. These professional agencies supply girls and women who meet a variety of criteria to fit many different tastes.

Some men hire London escorts simply because they work such long hours, they do ont have the time to go out and meet women. Escort services are quite handy in this respect, as London escorts are ready and available for hire at any time of the day and night. London escorts provide a convenience for busy men who find the idea of choosing a companion or date online quite appealing. Online, men can choose a London escort based on her profile, appearance, qualifications, and services offered. Men can't choose potential dates in a bar in this manner, so the notion of hiring London escorts makes sense in our busy, technology-filled world. London escorts will meet their clients whenever the client specifies, at the time and place of the client's choosing. This makes dating so much easier for busy professionals.

The services of London escorts can be obtained, discreetly and privately, online. Perhaps this is the biggest appeal to men of using London escorts. Men can view and choose London escorts in the privacy of their own homes, on their terms and with full understanding of services provided and rates charged. They can meet London escorts in private or in public, depending upon their preferences. London escorts take the hassle out of finding someone to spend time with.

Manchester Escorts

Manchester escort agencies usually work within the limits of the law, contrary to what most people think. While it is illegal in the United Kingdom to operate brothels or employ prostitutes, escort agencies frequently just introduce clients and escorts. Many escort agencies simply facilitate that meeting, with any financial transactions that might take place being strictly between escort and client. Manchester escorts do not like to be called prostitutes, however. They do not consider the Manchester escort services they work for to be brothels; therefore, Manchester escorts do not consider themselves to be prostitutes. Calling Manchester escorts prostitutes is a good way to make sure they will not do business with you.

Those who visit Manchester escorts can usually do so without fear of being arrested by the police. Manchester escorts are not legally running brothels; rather, they are conducting business meetings between escorts and clients. Most Manchester escorts can provide all sorts of entertainment, sometimes including massage, for their clients while still staying within the confines of the law. As escorts accompany clients to various functions, they are not breaking the law. This makes it much easier for clients of Manchester escorts to do business with Manchester escorts without worry.

In Manchester, many escort services have been recruiting students to work for them. Escort services can be a great way for students to earn extra money. Potential new escorts should be forewarned that not all escort services are alike, however. College students who are thinking of becoming Manchester escorts in order to make more money must first research the escort company to make sure that it offers clients what it advertises, and nothing more. Students do not want to become Manchester escorts and go on a meeting with a client to discover that the client expects something more than what the escort bargained for.

Manchester escorts are often presented with opportunities to see things they would not normally be able to see. For example, a client might take a Manchester escort to an expensive restaurant to which she has never been before. Manchester escorts are available to accompany clients to the finest Manchester restaurants. Manchester escorts have been seen dining with clients on tasty local cuisine in the Malmaison Brasserie and watching their chef prepare a fabulous meal at the 110 Restaurant. Manchester escorts often go with clients to theatres. Perhaps a Manchester escort will accompany a client to see "Les Miserables" at the Palace or "A Raisin in the Sun" at the Royal Exchange Theatre. Manchester escorts have also gone with opera lovers to the Manchester opera house. Night clubs in Manchester are also a hot spot for Manchester escorts to travel with clients. Manchester escorts have been spotted having a draught beer with a client at Sankeys. Dancing at Clique is also a favorite pasttime of Manchester escorts and clients. Clients who may be traveling for business or pleasure in the Manchester area might want Manchester escorts to accompany them to see some of the area's most popular attractions. Manchester escorts can guide clients to the Manchester Town Hall. Manchester escorts may also accompany clients to cultural hot spots like the Museum of Science &Industry or the Manchester Art Gallery.

The best Manchester escorts services provide security for their escorts, making sure that they arrive to their destination safely and that the job is as it should be. Good security measures include having Manchester escorts meet clients in public with a male "bodyguard" present. In this way, the bodyguard can size up the potential client and decide if he is legitimate. Without such security, Manchester escorts may arrive to a job and find that their client expects them to give a massage or even to act as a prostitute.

When a client is searching for Manchester escorts, he must make sure he gets exactly what he's looking for as well. Manchester escorts can be a great way for business travelers or those who are lonely to find someone to spend time with. Manchester escorts often accompany men to dinner, to the theatre, and dancing. Some Manchester escorts will offer additional services such as massage, but most are not prostitutes or strippers. Although Manchester escorts may work second jobs as strippers, that is not usually part of their job description as an escort. If a client is looking for more than the traditional Manchester escort service provides, he needs to specify that when booking his appointment with his Manchester escort.

Manchester escorts services do not like to be referred to as brothels. Unless advertised, Manchester escorts will not perform partial or full body massages or disrobe for clients. When looking for Manchester escorts, note on the internet directory if "extra" services they provide are listed or referred to in some way. Massage might be an included service, but potential clients of Manchester escorts must make sure that the escort offers the type of massage the client is looking for. Head, neck and shoulder massage might be offered, or a more full body massage could be on the Manchester escorts services' menu.

Massage parlours are often disguised as escort services. Some Manchester escorts services are are legitimate and employ real masseurs, as part of their service description. However, other massage parlours are simply brothels, employing prostitutes who give massages and more. Over 80 Manchester massage parlours in Manchester were found to be fronts for houses of prostitution in 2005. This would make clients looking for prostitutes happy, but those looking for simple massages would be in for a surprise.

Manchester escorts also come in all shapes and sizes for different tastes. Some Manchester escorts are thin and reedy-looking, for clients who want their Manchester escorts to be skinny. Others are large and ample-sized, for clients searching for plus-sized Manchester escorts. Blonde, brunette, redhead, young, and old are all available as Manchester escorts. With the internet being the most popular advertising spot for escort services, you can find Manchester escorts to suit the needs of all clientele with just a click of the mouse.

Birmingham Escorts

Being the second largest city in the United Kingdom, Birmingham is an exciting city in which to spend time. It is not fun to be there alone, however. For men seeking companionship while in Birmingham, Birmingham escorts may be the answer. Birmingham escorts provide company for men who might be passing through the town. Some say that the city of Birmingham is second to London in the amount and quality of places to go. Birmingham escorts will accompany men to many of these hotspots in Birmingham. With the vast amount of bars, pubs, nightclubs, and restaurants available in Birmingham, it is much more satisfying to attend these places with one of the beautiful Birmingham escorts than alone.

Birmingham escorts are available to fulfill a variety of needs and desires. A study in Birmingham found that 10% of the male population of the city use prostitutes on a regular basis. Birmingham escorts are not always tagged as prostitutes, however. The original meaning of the word escort was never prostitute or whore. Today, the word sometimes conjures up images of paying for sex. However, many Birmingham escorts do not work in the sex trade. They decide what they are willing to offer clients and work for Birmingham escorts companies who will work with them. Although many still consider all Birmingham escorts to be prostitutes, this is not always the case.

Women working for escort services in Birmingham can provide massage services, work as strippers, or simply escort their clients to places around town. As Birmingham was once one of the largest industrial cities in the world, there are many historical sights to be seen. Birmingham escorts will accompany travelers to Birmingham attractions and sights throughout the West Midlands, including the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, Selfrigdges Birmingham, and Soho House. Birmingham escorts have even gone with clients to nearby Alton Towers for a day of fun and recreation.

The police in Birmingham have been cracking down on brothels and on those calling themselves Birmingham escorts but actually working as prostitutes. They are trying to keep order in the city and to keep Birmingham escorts safe. The police usually will not bother Birmingham escorts services that are also licensed as massage parlors, even if they believe clients are paying for sex, because they do not fear that Birmingham escorts working in massage parlors are in as much danger as those working on the streets as prostitutes. "Street walkers" are the target of most police raids in Birmingham.

Birmingham police are even considering licensing brothels to keep Birmingham escorts working as prostitutes safe. They would also like to use paid informants to keep prostitutes out of residential areas.

A few years ago, local government in Birmingham offered prostitutes paid training to become strippers instead of working in brothels. This move got some prostitutes off the streets, but did not eliminate brothels altogether. The Birmingham local government also had the idea to "shame" prostitutes and their clients by putting them on public access television. This was not a successful idea.

Some of the legitimate massage parlours in Birmingham take offence at being considered houses of prostitution or brothels. Birmingham escorts have been known to offer massage services as well. If a client of Birmingham escorts is interested in massage, many an escort is trained in the most popular forms of massage therapy, including deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, and hot stone massage. Clients should check the Birmingham escorts service menu of services if they are interested in receiving a massage from their escort.

Girls and women who are considering becoming one of the finest of Birmingham escorts need to thoroughly investigate any agency before accepting a job working there. Birmingham escorts agencies vary greatly in their legitimacy. Some Birmingham escorts agencies are simply disguised brothels and have no regard for each escort they employ. Other Birmingham escorts agencies only allow each escort to perform services with which she is comfortable. If you research Birmingham escorts agencies, you should be able to find the perfect fit for you.

If you decide you would like to become one of the Birmingham escorts, make sure that your schedule allows you flexibility and free time. Some girls and women work as Birmingham escorts on a part-time basis, while others find it most lucrative to be Birmingham escorts full-time. Next, it might be a good idea to get some training in customer service. After all, Birmingham escorts work with customers on a daily basis and should know how to interact with them in a polite, sophisticated manner. Many clients of Birmingham escorts expect their escorts to be well-educated, classy, and stylish. This might entail getting a bit of extra education to be able to converse intelligently with clients of any age and background, to place you among the most desirable of Birmingham's escorts.

Choose your Birmingham escorts service wisely if you are contemplating escorting for a living. Above all, you want to make sure you are protected when you go out to meet a client. This is not negotiable. Your safety should be your number one concern and the top concern of your Birmingham escorts service. If you are ever sent out to meet a client and something does not feel right, end the meeting immediately. Your life and health is the most important thing in the business of Birmingham escorts.

Most Birmingham escorts do not advertise their services on the street. This would be considered prostitution by local law enforcement. Rather, the internet has become the preferred medium for advertising the services of Birmingham escorts. The internet provides a secure, confidential way for clients to search for the type of escort they're looking for. This also provides Birmingham escorts a way to screen potential clients and eliminate those who do not fit certain criteria (such as ability to pay, age, or economic background).

Birmingham escorts can make a great deal of money. Some Birmingham escorts see five to ten clients per day. Whether Birmingham escorts choose to work independently for themselves or for an agency, the amount of money Birmingham escorts could possibly make is astounding. Clients of Birmingham escorts are looking for beautiful, sophisticated, stylish, and accommodating women. If you think you have what it takes to work in the milieu of Birmingham escorts, you have the potential to become very successful at your job.

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