Review of Claudia; london, Greater London

Written by theredguy on 17 Jul 2009

The Review

I WILL NOT RECOMMAND YOU GUYS TO PUNT HER. It was a beauty trap. Apart from her look, she is a real checky bitch and don't worth for a penny for a visit. Before I started my story. I would like to point out she had another name called Carla in another agency called babylon.
Very disappointing experience. First before I booked Claudia, I did ask the agency about the service she provided and the agency said to me she gave everything apart from A-level. To be fair, I am not a bum man and only really care about this. Then I have decided to book her and got a reassurance from the agency that she would provide OWO, FREXXH KISS and GFE. After I went to Claudia's place, I did ask her again about the service she provided. Definitely NO LOST IN TRANSLATION. I did use my body language to ask her what I want. All I got from her reply was yes.
However, after I paid her, my nightmare began and she turned a real face to me. Argued with me about the starting time. Told me the time started when I came but not the moment I paid, which I wasted some time(about 10 mins) about asking the service she provided because she could hardly comunicate. Forced me to take a shower(To be honest, I did take a shower before I went there, plus having aftershave with me and I wasn't sweating). Fair play. I didn't wnat argue with her and straight to toliet to get myself clean. Then at that time, I started thinking she was being cheeky.
When I came out from the bathroom, she asked me to lie down on her bed. No French kissing, said sorry to me I was stranger to her and she didn't feel comfy to kiss a stranger. FREAKING HELL, of course, I was so stranger to her and that was the first time I saw her (GUYS, I am a clean person, I have no lumps or spots on my face, lips and my cock.). Rubbish BJ, sucked few seconds and then put a condom on my cock and then sucked me briefly, plus sneezed on my cock. No sucking tits and more touching her tits because of her boob jobs which made her feel pain if I even gentlely touch her. Kept talking to her flatmate when she was fucking me. What the fuck was that? I got so mad afterwards, everything was rubbish. I couldn't get up for second round because her freaking serving attitude. Asked me to get changed 5 minutes before my time ran out. Totally a scam. Guys, watch out.

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