Review of Demi; manchester, Lancashire

Written by John on 17 Jul 2009

The Review

What a contrast … one minute frustratingly stuck in congested motorway traffic … the next enjoying the womanly charms of this Yorkshire Rose.
I wrote this report because this babe is not only quite striking but also a pleasure to spend time with.
I arrived in Bury and was uncertain as to whether to go to World Famous Babes or the Wonder Lounge since they are both within walking distance of each other.
I parked and headed for the Wonder Lounge … where I met the sexy Demi … a true Wondergirl.
From the moment of her first kiss at the Reception till we parted was magic.

If like me you like tall women with well toned shapely legs … go visit Demi … you won’t be disappointed.
During the half hour I spent with her we did a full range of activities:
covered oral / reverse oral;
missionary with her legs tight around my waist;
cowgirl (energetic);
reverse cowgirl (brilliant view of her bum bouncing up and down);
… and then for me the best part … Demi on her back with her gorgeous legs high and her ankles around my neck
WOW …!!!
Going down on a Working Girl is not something I would normally do … but when Demi offer me her pussy to lick I couldn’t refuse.
This girl is brilliant … she kisses … plus she tastes and smells as good as she looks.
I can still picture Demi wrapped around me as I write this … you get lots of good views with the two mirrors on either side of the bed whilst you are shagging.

From the moment I saw her at Reception I could not wait to get her legs wrapped around me. She also has a lovely backside which I enjoyed stroking / caressing
This being the last day of June and quite a warm humid day we were both quite hot and sweaty at the end.
Thanks Demi you’re a total babe!!!!!!!
I left feeling great and could still taste her on my lips as I drove back along the M60 Motorway.

Would I go back and see her again??
Well as one of the US Presidential candidates said last year during their election:
“Yer darn right Joe … YOU BETCHA!!”

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