Review of Charlie; Manchester, Lancashire

Written by denny1976 on 17 Jul 2009

The Review

Arrived at Indulge parlour to be greeted by the receptionist who introduced me to the girls. Both available ladies were slim blondes and both quite pretty, however I was attracted to Charlie (the oldest of the two) with her gorgeous big eyes which beamed at me as we met.
The receptionist took me to the room and I had my shower then awaited Charlie to arrive. She was quite prompt so thankfully I did not have much hanging about after I had dried off.
Dressed in a red baby doll Charlie looked quite attractive. She soon removed this plus her bra and pants
She gave me a quick back-rub then I turned over and we hugged each other.

We chatted and spoke of our likes / dislikes. We agreed on a tender GFE leading on to sex.
If I was to judge her age I would say that she is somewhere between 28 and 32.
Charlie is a very slender lass with shoulder-length blonde hair but with very little flab ... however her body is reasonably curvy enough rather than waifish or skeletel ... I'd say that she is a size 8 although she insists she's a dress size 10.
On the bed we had a bit of kissing and also a decent amount of cuddling. She tasted good as I kissed her neck; nuzzled her breast; and licked her tits. A good sign (especially during this current spell of humid weather) when a girl tastes and smells as fine as she did. Charlie has quite sensitive responsive nipples which quickly become quite erect due to my attentions.

On with the condie then Charlie climbed on top and we started off in cowgirl. Charlie felt good as my cock plunged in and out of her whilst she rode me from above. She said that being on top wasn't really 'her thing' ... so we swapped to missionary.
I asked Charlie to wrap her long slim legs around my waist, this felt great. We built up a steady rythym in our thrusting and Charlie became quite vocal.
We continued like this for a while and it felt quite intense for me. However I have to admit that being locked in a tight embrace with this sexy woman moaning; sighing; and panting beneath me ... well ... it felt brilliant as our pelvises ground into each other.
Charlie had her arms and legs wrapped tightly round my back and we were both getting hot. We stopped briefly to catch our breaths and change positions then swapped over to doggy. Charlie continued her vocal encouragement and I eventually filled the condom.
Cynics amongst you will say that all Working Girls are actresses and can easily fake orgasms (a la Meg Ryan). However ... being a Northern English girl ... Charlie was noisy ... without sounding fake or too over the top.
I can only hope she enjoyed it as much as I certainly did. We both freshened up and then headed back to reception where I chatted with the girls as I had a refreshing cold drink. I asked the receptionist why Indulge2's website is not as well organised as other parlours in the Manchester Area ... specifically the lack of an up to date Rota Page ... as this must lose the girls loads of clients to: Sandy's; Arabesque; WFB; etc etc (the other parlours in the area).
Shame really cos Indulge2 is a hidden treasure ... which would surely get more punters in the door If the website was not so crap ... the girls would get more customers ... it doesn't take much to write a Rota (then update that page on the site if a girl phones in sick that day).

Anyway this is a minor whinge really ... I really enjoyed Charlie's company and would highly recommend her ... go spend some time with this sexy lady ... she is great!!!

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