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Written by 2ndRich on 30 Nov 2009

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About the location

What can I say, Abi showed up on time at my house out here in the sticks. As well she might as she had been here some time before delivering me a non driving colleague. I think she came personally as opposed to a taxiing the lady as she was rather inexperienced (my first time too, dear god) and this was her first overnighter. I wondered when they arrived if I had made a mistake. I resolved that as soon as finances permitted I'd call. She called back and apparantly was intrigued by what another lady had said about me. I kinda liked that.

About the escorts personality

Abi is an accomplished very speedy lady full of fun and energy, who nevertheless can slow down for the likes of me. She certainly can entertain and though somewhat distainfull of the intellectual, follows and holds wide ranging conversations. And I might add she knows just what to say to make a fellow feel fine.

About the service provided

No! Sorry. I'm unconfortable talking about the sticky stuff but be assured not only does she know what to say but she knows what to do there too! Ok if you insist. I'm fairly conventional she gave me what I wanted fucky sucky stuff. Alright!

Further information

Finally she is way way better looking than I would have guessed from her photos which is why I did sort of make a mistake with the first one. So go on guys check her out . Relax take it easy or bang like bunnies or both. She'll be what you want she really is full service.

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