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The Dell

Her name was Helena and she was studying in the upper sixth form at the local convent girls school just down the hill from my school. The boys from my class ran cross country past the convent every wednesday. Helena and two or more of her sexy friends would meet us in the woods which we called the "dell".

They would sneak out unnoticed by the nuns during their dinner break. We were allways late coming back from running but our teacher thought we were just slow. Little did he know.

Helena and her friends were scared of getting pregnant. For catholics abortion is not allowed and their parents would have been so angry. They realised that to suck boys off meant our cocks wouldnt get anywhere near their cunts.

They would try to outsuck each other, they would fit as many cocks in their mouths as they could .... just like a game. Helena was the best she loved to swallow every last drop and would lick her lips. She would suck all seven of us boys till we were sore and still wanted more. She loved to have us cum all over her face and hair.

She liked the idea of it and would go back to her class stinking of cum. The girls would get on their knees in front of us and we would fill their mouths with cum time and time again. Pushing our hard cocks down their throats till they gagged. They loved it. We loved it. We looked forward to cross country...I heard many years later that that Helena had married a priest. Lucky bastard.

Written by bazzer

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