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The Window Cleaner

It was a beautiful day, probably the first really hot day of the summer and I decided that I would spend some time in the garden to get an early start on my tan. I took out a blanket and some pillows, a bottle of lemonade, a glass, the ice bucket and my book. My garden is very secluded and so I didn't have to worry about being seen by the neighbours, which is great. I'm a bit careful about sun bathing topless, not because I'm prudish but for the sake of my health, but what I don't like are white marks around my bum! So my 'thing' if you like is to sunbathe not topless but bottomless, or wearing just a very tiny thong. Today I picked out a practically non-existent bikini, the bottom half consisted of a very small thong and the top was really just two triangles held together with a bit of string. I lay down in the garden on my tummy, my book in front of me, my legs slightly spread apart so that the sun should tan the inside of my thighs, and began to read.

As so often happens with the warmth of the sun on your back the reading made my sleepy and I must have dropped off. In my dreams I was lying on my rug, a good looking bronzed man was gently caressing the inside of the top of my legs, his hands gentle at first then his touch becoming firmer as he massaged over my bottom, up my back, across my shoulders. I was lying there enjoying all the sensations he was giving me, moving softly against him, giving the occasional sigh or whispering, 'um.. that's lovely..'

I was aware of the sun beating down, feeling my body warm, and every now and then just the softest of breezes brushing across my skin to keep me cool enough not to want to move. My lover's hands became more searching, slipping between the cheeks of my bottom, pushing aside the narrow strip of material that just about covered my pussy. I could feel myself getting wet, the combination of his hands, the sun and my sleepy state making me feel sensuous and sexy. I knew I didn't know this man, his touch was unfamiliar to me, but that just made it all the more exciting, and I didn't want to turn around and see his face, I just wanted to lie here enjoying his attention, being turned on and feeling sexy.

He moved my legs slightly further apart, bending one knee so my hot, wet cunt was fully exposed to the sunlight and his eyes. He lent towards my neck, planting soft kisses and whispered in my ear 'you have a wonderful pussy, so wet, so inviting'.

I thrilled at his words, wriggling my bottom, moving my own legs further apart so he should see my sex in its wanton state. And then I felt him probing my pussy, not with his hand or his fingers, but with something hard and cold; it took me a while to work it out, but I soon realised it was an ice cube that he was lightly rubbing around the lips of my pussy, every now and then just pushing the tip of it into my cunt, where it felt cold, but sexy, and I could feel it melting from my heat, cool water trickling down my legs.

'Do you like that?' he said. 'Umm..' was all I could manage for a reply.

And then the ice cub was replaced by something else, again it took me a second or two to work out what it was but as he pushed it deeper and deeper into me there was no mistaking the feel of the lemonade bottle neck. It was smooth and the heat of the sun and warmed the glass, making it feel hot inside my cunt. I raised my hips slightly pushing back against the bottle, so that the whole of the narrow neck was inside me. 'Stay right there' said my mystery lover, removing the bottle slowly from my wet hole, sending shivers down my body.

Now it was something else he was pushing gently into my cunt. It was like a game, me trying to work out what object he was using on me to give me pleasure. I could tell this one was bulbous in shape, rounded at the top, then a wide bit narrowing off again as I felt the full length of it inside me. It must have been the handle of my hand trowel, and he worked it in and out of my cunt, his other hand teasing my clit, and almost but not quite bringing me off. He was skilled at his task, noticing by my body movements when I was about to come and always backing off, leaving me just on the edge of orgasm, my senses heightened, my body taught.

He pulled my hips up further and for the first time I was aware of his cock nuzzling against my by now very wet and open cunt. As I had lain here enjoying his playing with me I had begun to wonder what this unknown man would feel like, if his cock would be big and wide, long or thin. A kind of desperation had come over me to feel his dick inside me, to have him fuck me, but I had not cried out him 'fuck me', because I knew eventually he would and I did not want to shorten the experience he was giving me.

He cock was thick and even though I was so wet and open he filled my cunt with his girth so that I could clearly feel the shape of him. In my semi stupor I knew that at some point I would want to look round to see this wonderful lover. Would it be a face I would recognise? In my dreams was I living out some fantasy with some man I had seen, maybe at work or on the train?

He fucked me gently, pushing his full length into me, then withdrawing slowly so that I should feel every inch of him. My arousal grew yet again, and with it my curiosity. I was afraid to turn around in case the dream would be broken, but figured that I could keep the dream going if I wanted to.

I was aware of the weight of him on top of me, it felt so real, the warmth of his body, the touch of his hands, the sounds of his cock slapping in and out. I opened my eyes and was aware of something that shouldn't have been there. A ladder propped up against the side wall of my house. That shouldn't be in my dream. But I wasn't dreaming, I was awake and the weight of my mystery lover was real, his cock inside me was real, and then realisation came to me. I hadn't been dreaming, this was my window cleaner. I must have fallen asleep and he thinking the house to be empty had let himself in as he had so often before and found me there, barely dressed and asleep had indulged himself with me.

For a moment I was tempted to throw him off, to shout and scream at him, but this sex was so lovely and I was so near to coming that I didn't want to shatter the illusion. I closed my eyes again and lay beneath him, my hips starting to grind back into him. I could hear his breathing change in the quietness of the garden, the pounding of his cock becoming harder, faster rising in pace with my own orgasm. My body responded to his fucking, my cunt tightening around his cock as I heard him gasp and felt him come.

He was careful not to fall on top of me and so as he thought wake me. He lifted himself off gently, straightening my thong, replacing the bottle and trowel where he had found them and quietly taking his ladder let himself out by the side gate.

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