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The Tour Guide

One of the best parts of being a tour guide in Spain is all the lovely girls! I've been doing this job for 3 seasons now and I've lost count of the all the girls that have come my way. This particular day was a bit different though. I had a new recruit working with me. Steve was my age and we got on really well and found our taste in women was the same. We also discovered that what we both fancied was having a girl between us! We'd taken the coach trip to a vineyard that day so by the time the bus got back everyone was well oiled – not least of all Tina, who was the girl we had both set our sights on. It was easy to persuade her to come back to our flat with us at the end of the evening.

A couple more drinks just to relax us all and Tina started getting a bit frisky. This was going to be easier than we thought as she was well up for a bit of fun. It wasn't long before between Steve and I we had got her undressed and on the bed ... Getting our own clothes off at the same time.

I started on her tits first, taking them in my mouth, teasing her nipples, cupping her lovely breasts in my hands, massaging them. Steve was a bit more to the point, spreading her legs, starting to play with her clit and her cunt.

'God, she is wet, Tim, aren't you little Tina, this cunt is just begging to be fucked, and that's exactly what Tim and I are going to do'. Said Steve, shoving fingers into her open cunt. I watched him for a while, his fingers working in and out of her, Tina lying back and enjoying the attention.

'Oh Tim, lick me, lick my pussy, I need to feel a tongue inside me'. She cried – and I obliged, sinking my tongue deep into her wet cunt, tasting her sweetness, while Steve looked on getting hornier and taking his dick in hand.

'What do you think we should do with her Tim, fuck her one at a time or both together.'

'Both together I think, Steve, hold her legs for me'.

I pushed her up by her bottom, Steve taking her legs and holding them apart. I found her tight little arsehole, moistening my fingers from the wetness of her cunt; I rubbed wet fingers around her arse, gently starting to probe her, to get her ready for my very erect cock, which I couldn't wait to shove into her hard. Tina was moaning, muttering 'Oh God, yes, fuck my arse, Tim, and Steve, fuck my cunt, I want to feel two cocks in me at once, that will be bliss..' She was obviously enjoying this!

She was so willing I waited no longer. Pushing my dick into her arse; she was tight and pushing in and out of her I soon became really horny, but when I saw Steve start to shove his big dick into her cunt I nearly came there and then!

I didn't know what to watch, my own cock shafting her arse or Steve's dick pounding into her wet and open cunt. Tina's body was pushing towards us both, allowing us deeper and deeper access to her, and I found myself fucking her harder and faster, and as I got more aroused so did Steve, fucking that lovely little cunt for all he was worth.

'Oh boys, swap over, I want to experience you both in every way'.

'Ok' I said, 'but not until you've licked my cock clean'. I withdrew and moved around her, shoving my dick that had so recently been in her arse into her mouth. She took the full length of me, working her tongue around the tip of my cock, sucking me hard and deep.

'My turn', said Steve and I moved out of the way so he could experience her mouth and get his dick licked clean too before each of us started fucking her again. She was one randy babe!

Now it was my turn to fuck her cunt, to sink my flesh deep into her wetness. Her cunt was almost as tight as her arse, and I was so turned on by now I was eager to come, I knew it wouldn't take much!

Steve was now thrusting himself into her arse; he slipped in easily, Tina being so ready for him after her experience with me. We rocked her between us, both of us now almost totally out of control, both of us wanting to shoot spunk into this willing body, but both wanting to make it last a bit longer. The harder we fucked her the louder she called out to us 'Oh God, yes, fuck me, fuck me hard..'

At last it all became too much to hold out any longer ... Seeing Steve fuck her arse, feeling her cunt tightening around my dick, feeling the warmth and wetness of her pussy and I felt my orgasm rising, I pulled out of her and shot my spunk over her face. Her tongue reached out eagerly to lick it up, to take me in her mouth and suck every last drop from me. This sight was enough to bring Steve off and her body tensed as he came inside her.

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