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The Sleep Over

Even though my teenage daughter is old enough to have moved out she still lives with me. Convenience, cheapness? Who knows! She has a lot of friends and every month they take it in turns to 'sleep over' at each other's houses for the weekend. It's a noisy, giggly, girly affair, and I hate it. But as a dutiful dad, I let them do it .. it's only once every six months after all.

So this weekend it is our turn again. The girls arrive – well these days they are young women, hardly girls anymore – the living room gets taken over by sleeping bags, make up bags, magazines, DVD's, snacks and bottles of wine. Once it was bottles of cola, nowadays it's wine! I usually retreat once they are all safely ensconced, go up to my room and watch my TV until the noise settles down enough for me to get some sleep. At about midnight there is a knock on my door, which surprises me. It is one of Jayne's friends. 'Mr Foreman, Jayne's not feeing very well, I think you had better come down and see her'. I put on my robe and go downstairs. Jayne is sitting on the sofa, her face flushed; her skin is cold and clammy. 'I don't feel too good' she says weakly. 'Have you drunk too much Janie?' I ask concerned. 'No, really it's not alcohol'. I feel her head and realise she has a temperature. 'I think we ought to get you to bed, sorry love, looks like you've got some kind of bug.' I help her upstairs, dose her up with paracetamol, and leave her to sleep. I think I should just go and check on the other girls, just in case any of them are feeling rough too, so I return to the living room, knock on the door and open it. I should have waited I guess, but too late I realise the girls are all in a state of undress, getting ready to climb into their sleeping bags. It's obvious I'm more embarrassed than they are!

'Oh sorry girls'

'It's Ok Mr Foreman, come in.' says Amanda. She is lovely, I have known her for a number of years, and have always thought was a pretty girl she is. 'How's Jayne?' asks someone else.

'She's asleep, I just thought I'd check you were all Ok before I go back to bed'.

'Oh we're fine, but don't go, stay and talk to us for a while.' Says another pretty face.

I go in and two girls motion for me to sit on the sofa between them. I feel a little uncomfortable, as these girls are all rather scantily clad and despite myself I find I am turned on. Wearing only pyjama bottoms and a dressing gown I hope they don't notice my growing erection! Yet another girl asks 'would you like some wine?'

I find myself saying yes.

Before long it's like we are old friends, we are talking and laughing together, the girls all a little bit drunk, and probably me too. I seem to be surrounded by arms, legs and pretty faces. There are low cut tops, see through nightshirts, short shorts; my gown has fallen open, and I realise with horror that my cock is erect and quite obvious through my pyjamas! It was a mistake looking down, my glance was noticed by every girl in the room, and so was my erection

'Oh Mr Foreman, you're horny!' laughs Amanda.

'Er, sorry'. I try and cover myself up, but before I realise what is happening my gown is grabbed by one of the girls and she is pulling it off me

'Oh we don't mind Mr Foreman, in fact I think we'd all like to see a bit more.

If you've ever been set upon by six slightly drunk, randy teenagers you will realise that I was pretty helpless to resist. My gown was pulled off and before I knew my pyjama bottoms too. At least I didn't have to suffer the humiliation of having a limp dick. My cock stood proud – and horny and the girls started touching it, making comments 'Oh, what a lovely dick', 'you are a big boy'; 'do you like it if we touch you like this?'

My senses were overwhelmed. Here I was with six gorgeous girls all wanting to touch my cock ...and I wanted them to, in fact I wanted more, I was by now so horny I wanted them to suck and lick and touch and eventually fuck. They moved me to the floor, first one kissing me then another, first one taking me in their mouth, then another and another. Hands rubbed my chest, my thighs, my neck. Lips locked on to mine, tongues licked me. They parted my legs the better to get access to my balls and someone, I think it was Amanda, took my balls in her mouth while yet another was giving me a hand job. I fought to control my orgasm, not wanting to come too quickly, wanting just to lie here and be aroused even more.

Someone sat over my face saying 'go on Mr Foreman, lick me out, I taste so good' and then another saying 'Push your fingers into my tight little pussy, you know you want to'

I tasted so many pussies that night, all so young and so sweet. I fingered tight cunts, I felt small arseholes, and all the while there was one of them with my prick in her mouth, hands on my balls, teasing me, pleasing me.

In the end I could stand it no longer 'I have to fuck one of you... Or more'.

'Me first' said Amanda, bending over in front of me, offering me her arse. I pushed my full length into her making her moan with delight. Tits were pushed into my face so I could take nipples in my mouth while thrusting into that tight, wet cunt.

I think I fucked them all ... Some more than once, until I found myself saying ' no more, I want to come...'

With a girl bent over in front of me, someone else took me in hand and wanked my dick until I shot my cum all over that perfect little arse. We were all exhausted, one by one girls settled down and I retreated once more to my room, just taking a quick look in on Janie, who was fast asleep.

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