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The Photographer

Photography has been my hobby for a long time. Like most men I guess I have fantasised about taking 'naughty' pictures but have never had the opportunity. Then one day a friend shows me a video about a guy who just goes out on to the street and sees if he can get girls to agree to be photographed without their clothes. It sets me thinking and I wonder if I can get away with it!

I live in a big city and there is no shortage of pretty girls of many nationalities wandering around the shops. I set up my flat carefully, arranging the living room, putting up some lights, arranging some 'props' so that it will look more authentic and I set off into the City Centre, my camera slung around my neck. What have I got to lose? The worst that can happen is that they say 'no'.

I pick out two girls who are shopping together; they are probably about 18 or 19. I decide to follow them for a bit while I think about what I am going to say. Eventually they stop by a shop window and as there are few people around I feel safe approaching them.

'Excuse me, I'm a photographer and I've been watching you two for a while and I think you'd be perfect for a photo shoot I'm doing. Would you be interested?'

'What kind of photo shoot' says the one I later learn is called Mandy.

'Well, just some nice close up shots of pretty girls really, and you two are certainly pretty'

'Is there any money in it?' asks the other.

'I'm afraid not, just the glory' I laugh.

'Where are you going to take these photos?'

'I have a small studio, not far from here, it'll only take an hour or so'.

'I'm up for it' says Mandy

'Hang on Mand, we don't know anything about this guy, tell us a bit more about these photos, what are they for?'

'Oh Flick, stop worrying, he seems like a nice guy and we are together'

'At any time you change your minds girls, you can just go'. I say.

'So what are they for, these photos, some magazine or something?' says Flick

'Not exactly, I'm freelance, I take photos and send them off and see if anyone is interested'.

'Ok' says Mandy, it might be fun, 'I'm up for it, what about you' she asks Flick.

'Well, if you're sure we can leave any time we like?'

'Of course, whenever you like'

'Ok then'.

I hail a taxi and take the girls back to my flat. There I show them into the living room wondering what their reaction will be, but they seem convinced by the set up that I really am a photographer.

'So what do you want us to do' asks Mandy.

'Um, well, if you could just sit together on the sofa, strike a pose, and I'll just start taking some pictures and we'll see what happens'.

The girls are laughing, giving each other knowing looks and I realise they are probably one step ahead of me!

'Don't you want us to take our clothes off?' asks Flick.

'Er, well, it would be good if you did'. I say a bit nervously.

'We get the idea, you just take the pictures and we'll give you some good shots' says Mandy.

They start undressing each other, turning every now and then towards the camera so I can get better angles and asking me 'is this what you want?' 'Yes, girls, that's great'.

They are sitting on the little sofa, facing each other, Flick removes Mandy's top and starts fondling her tits, which are small and round. Mandy starts to run her hand up Flick's skirt, rubbing her thigh, her hand creeping higher and higher, pushing the girl's skirt up to the top of her legs. They start kissing each other, light pecks at first over each other's faces which turns to deep full on snogging as they continue to undress each other, standing up the better to get each other's clothes off. I can't believe my luck and I am furiously snapping photos, and thinking about being able to look at them after at my leisure. The scene unfolding in front of me turns me on, but although I am aware of my growing erection I just want to keep taking the photos.

Now both completely naked, they sit back down on the little sofa again, Mandy is running her hand over Flick's stomach, edging ever closer to her shaven pussy, and I am wondering how far they will go, and if I am going to get a full on glimpse of that young cunt.

'This is what you want isn't it? Tell us to stop if we go too far', laughs Flick.

'No girls, that's great, just keep going, forget I am here' .

'Don't worry, we will' says Mandy.

Mandy spreads Flicks legs and sinks her mouth over the girl's pussy, licking and sucking her, and then inserting a finger into that wet cunt. Mandy's body is twisting turning as the other girl pleasures her more and more and all the time I am clicking away, aware of my growing passion but reluctant to stop this floor show.

Now they have swapped over, and Mandy is kneeling over Flick's face, the better for Flick to get her tongue deep into the other girls hole. Hands are everywhere as they fondle and caress each other rubbing breasts, taking nipples between fingers, running hands over firm young bottoms, fingers searching out each other's wetness, licking and teasing clits, bringing each other to orgasm, until both girls fall back exhausted on the sofa.

I have been so involved in taking the pictures I haven't had time to think about how turned on I am until now and I realise that I have a rampant cock, which is so stiff it aches and now my role is done I need some hard sex, a good fuck to relieve me. I approach the girls who are still lying back against the sofa and start to fondle Mandy's tits. Her eyes open and she sits up, but doesn't stop me.

'I think our photographer's got a problem Flick, you want to sort him or shall I?' 'Let's both do it Mand.'

The girls fall on top of me, Mandy taking me in her mouth, Flick planting deep tongue searching kisses on my mouth, her hands rubbing over my chest while Mandy's hands are running over my arse as she sucks me, every now and then taking my balls in her mouth, sucking and licking them, her tongue running round my arse, her tongue searching out my hole giving me sensations I have not felt before. I am lost in the feelings and sensations, control over my orgasm completely gone I come over my own belly and the girls fall onto me to lick up my cum.

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