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Pool Party

Trish, Kate and I have been friends since we were at school. We grew up together and shared everything, our clothes, our secrets and our boyfriends. These days we don't get together often but this summer Trish has suggested that we rent a villa in Florida and go on holiday together for a week. It sounds a neat idea and Kate and I readily agree.

The villa is great with it's own pool, not overlooked but still not far from all the attractions. For the first few days we do all the usual stuff that tourists do, visit all the usual places, but on the fourth day it's so hot we decide to have a day just lounging around by the pool. We've spent the morning soaking up the sun in our bikinis and Trish, always the practical one has prepared lunch, salad, as she knows we are all dieting, but then she brings out ice cream, which is so tempting in the heat.

Girls together always get a bit silly, we sit around the table eating and drinking, laughing and joking, getting very giggly. The conversation turns to sex ..'my last sexual experience'.. says Trish and we all fall about laughing. It's not that you guys aren't up to much, but how many of you really know what a woman wants! We laugh about our last encounters and realise that sadly none of us is getting what we want or need.

'I can understand why women turn to other women,' says Kate. 'Who knows better how to turn a woman on than another woman?'

'Have you ever, Kate?'

'Have I ever what? Been with another woman... No.. but I think I might like to try, just once..'

'Why don't we' says Trish. 'I mean it's just us here girls, let's see if we can give each other more pleasure than the guys can!'

Trish stands up and takes off her top, showing off her neat little breasts, and the combination of wine and sun makes me feel instantly randy, seeing her tits, I find my hand reaching for my own instinctively.

'Trish!', screams Kate, 'I was only theorising!'

'Well, stop theorising and get over here!' says Trish. I'll give you something to talk about ..' Trish starts to chase Kate around the table, and Kate in retaliation scoops up some ice cream on a spoon and flicks it at her. It lands on Trish's chest and she rubs it in to her tits, 'oh that feels good, you should try it Jay' she tips a dish of half melted ice cream over me, it runs down my chest, it's cool and soothing and very sensual.

Before we know what is happening we are all stripped off, chasing each other around the pool naked, throwing ice cream at each other, rubbing it in to each other's naked bodies. I push Trish back against the table, 'now you are going to pay lady!'

I pick up the can of cream, 'help me Kate' I say. Kate hold Trish down against the table, and I take the can of cream pushing the tip in between her legs, finding her cunt and squirting cream into her.

'Oooh, that feels sooo good..' moans Trish, 'more Jay, I want more..'

I slip my hand between her legs, rubbing the cream into her cunt, pushing my fingers into her. Her cunt is tight, squishy with all the cream and I move my finger in and out of her, pushing the cream out, Kate comes to join me and starts to lick up the cream from around Trish's cunt, running her hands over her shaven pussy, flicking her tongue across Trish's neat little clit.

'Oh wow, you two are better than any man, you know just what I like' moans Trish.

'Now to wash you off, you dirty girl' I say and we fall into the pool together.

I dive under the water to kiss Trish's pussy; Kate is behind her, arms around her, fondling her breasts. Trish is squirming as I come up for air, kissing her full on the mouth, Kate's hands still fondling her tits, twisting and tweaking at her nipples, my hand shoved up her cunt, fingers deep inside her, the water around making the whole experience more sensual .. if that's possible!

Our bodies locked together in the water, hands everywhere so it is hard to tell who is touching who, we are all lost in a frenzy of sexual passion, first one then another of us coming to orgasm, and diving back under the water again to kiss and lick a pussy, who's pussy it is no longer matters, sucking tits, giving each other deep and sensual kisses, the three of us twisted together in the pool, hands reaching round to bottoms that long to be explored with a knowing finger. Now it is Kate's turn. Trish's finger in her arse, my fingers in her cunt as she floats around in the pool, and we two bring her to orgasm.

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