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I've been a naughty girl

My wife has been out for the evening with the girls. I've no idea where she has been or what they get up to when they go out together, but tonight when she comes back she is looking a bit sheepish, although there is a kind of glow about her too and I am confused by her behaviour.

'Had a good time?' I ask.

'yes.. Mike... I, I've got something to tell you....'

'What's up, are you OK?'

'Yes...it's just,...Mike, I've been a bit of a naughty girl...'

'What do you mean you've been a naughty girl,..Ellie what have you done?'

She doesn't speak, instead she comes to wards me, takes my hand, pushes it up under her skirt to her knickers and rubs it across her crotch. Her knickers are damp, in fact more than damp, they are wet; a wetness I recognise, a stickiness. She takes my finger and pushing her knickers to one side, she rubs it over her pussy. I know what this is, this wetness, this stickiness, Elli has been fucked, the cum still dripping from her. Perhaps I should be angry, but this is a fantasy we have shared many times and I am instantly turned on, my cock starting to go stiff.

'You've been fucking, Ellie, you have been a naughty girl, now I'll have to punish you.' I take her hand and lead her to the bedroom.

'You're right, Mike, I have been such a naughty girl'

Once in the bedroom I strip her off, all but those knickers, I push her back on to the bed, and straddle her, stripping off my own clothes in the process.

'Now you are going to tell me all about it, everything, and I am going to punish you for being so naughty, for fucking and coming home with your cunt still wet from some other man.'

'Yes, I'll tell you. We were in the pub and we were getting ready to leave. There was this man, he had been looking at me all evening, and when I got up to go he came over to me and asked me if I needed a lift, so I said thanks and we went out into the car park'

'You knew he wanted you didn't you, he didn't want to give you a lift, he wanted to fuck you..' I got out Ellie's vibrator, I pushed her knickers aside and inserted the vibrator into her wet pussy, without turning it on, I jut started to push it in and out of her, the stickiness of her cunt creating a friction that I knew would be turning her on. She opened her legs, letting me know that she was horny.

'Yes, I knew that he wanted me, and I knew that when I got him out to the car park he would make a pass at me, and he did. We walked over to his car, and he came to open the door for me. He was parked right at the back of the car park in the darkest corner. But instead of opening the door he put his arms around me and pushed me back against the car. He kissed me, running his hand up my leg'.

I turned the vibrator on, pushing it harder and deeper into her. 'Ok, did you resist?'

'Just a bit, but not really'

'Oh you naughty girl, for that you must pay. Take my dick in your hand, stroke it for me while you tell me what happened next'

She did as she was told.

'I pushed my hips towards him and felt for his cock through his trousers, he was already going hard, and I rubbed his cock, making him stiffen beneath my hand. Then I asked him if he wanted to feel my tits'

'Did he?' I asked. I was getting so turned on by this tale that I was thrusting the vib into her faster, she was becoming more aroused, and the vib was slipping in and out easier, telling me she was getting wet again, her own juices beginning to flow as she became horny at the memory and at that feel of the vibrator working her cunt.

'Yes, he pulled my shirt out of my skirt, put his hands up underneath, feeling my tits through my bra. I told him he could push my bra out the way, and he did. Then I started undoing his zip, my hand reaching inside to find his prick.'

'You dirty bitch, you wanted him to touch your cunt didn't you? Were you wet?'

'Of course, there I was in this car park with this total stranger touching my tits, I had his prick in my hand and he was hard, I knew he wanted me, and I thought of you, waiting here for me, not knowing what I was doing, and thinking about fucking him and coming home to you with my pussy sticky from his cum.'

'What happened ... What did you do?'

'He moved me round to the back of the car, pushed me against the boot, pushed my skirt up around my hips, exposing my knickers he pushed them aside and shoved a finger into me, I was so wet, I was so horny..'

And so am I by now. I move my body, so I can slip my length into her. I push up her knees to give me easier access to her cunt, push those wet knickers aside and shove hard, making her gasp. 'So go on, you fucking dirty bitch, tell me, he fucked you, tell me and I am going to fuck to so hard, you are going to be punished for being so naughty, for having another man's cock in you, you are going to have me in you now, and I am really going to shaft you tell you beg me to stop.'

'He pushed my legs apart then, shoved his big dick into my wet cunt, just like you are now'

'Yes, that's right, I am shoving my dick into you, hard..'

and I did, I pounded my cock into her cunt, fucked her hard, taking her breath away.

'did it last long..'

'No, he was so horny for me, and I was so wet, he thudded his cock into me, in and out, hard, deep, gripping my hips tight, pulling me on to him, making me take his full length....'

'You fucking dirty cow, you horny little bitch, I really can't trust you out on your own...'

I wanted to say more, but the thought of her, pushed up against that car boot, this guy fucking her hard, her grinding her pussy on to him, I couldn't hold back any longer and with one last hard deep thrust I exploded and came inside her.

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