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My Sister and I

My older sister is beautiful; she is tall and blonde, slim and stunning. There are 3 years between us, and she has always been the more 'forward'. Here I was at 18, still a virgin, and she had lost her virginity at 16. We were good friends though, spent a lot of time together when she was not too busy with one of her many boyfriends! She is a model by profession and lives in a lovely flat in London and now and then I go and stay with her. We have a wild night out in town when she gets mobbed by every man in sight and I just get drunk!

Tonight though we are not going out. Her latest boyfriend Rob is coming round and the three of us are going to have a quiet evening in. I am going to cook for us and then maybe we'll watch a film or something. I get the feeling that this may be 'serious' and that Rob may be more important to her than she has told me as yet.

Rob arrives and I can see instantly why she has fallen for him. He is tall and dark, with a great body, and I have to admit that if he were not already spoken for I might just be tempted myself!

Rob has an easy manner, he is amusing and charming, and he keeps us both entertained during dinner. I find myself growing to like him more and more and my thoughts start to wonder about what he would be like to have sex with. Of course it's all a bit of an unknown to me, the closest I have come to having sex is a bit of a grope with a kid in the back of a car! But I can still imagine what it might be like, and I know when I am horny!

After dinner we watch a movie and when it is over, even though it is only 11.30, my sister makes it apparent that my presence is no longer required. I say goodnight and go off to my room, which is just off the living room.

I get undressed and climb into bed turning out the light, but it is hard to sleep. I can hear them in the living room, laughing quietly and I find my mind wandering, wondering what they are doing. And then I did something I really shouldn't have done. I should have put the pillow over my head and gone to sleep, instead I creep from my bed and gently crack open the bedroom door. I can see them on the sofa, which is facing me. Rob is lying back against the cushions and my sister is kneeling across him. They are kissing, I can see his hands on her breasts, squeezing them and teasing them. I reach for my own breasts and wonder what it would be like to feel his hands on me, closing my eyes the better to imagine it. When I open my eyes again they have moved to the floor. Now Rob is sat across her, his hands under her top, lifting it off over her head. She is braless and he sinks his mouth onto her tits, taking each nipple in turn into his lips and my sister is laughing, twisting beneath him.

She is undoing his jeans, pushing them and his pants down around his knees, showing me his erection in all its glory! They both undress then before laying back down together on the floor, Rob parting her legs, pushing her knees up, his hand obviously seeking out her pussy. I wonder if she is as wet as I am watching this!

I feel guilty watching them, but can't pull myself away. He lifts her legs, pushing her body up so she is balanced on her shoulders. I can see him pushing his cock deep into her, their naked bodies locked together in their passion. I am wet, so aroused by watching my sister and her boyfriend fucking just a few feet away from me, and they have no idea I am there, and then she looks my way. I dart back behind the door, but too late, I know she has seen me. I expect them to stop, to hear her call out to me, to come and remonstrate with me. But nothing happens and after a while I hear them again, her breathing coming fast, so I venture back to the door to watch again. Either she didn't see me, or she did and has decided not to say anything, or maybe she is just so caught up in fucking with Rob, she just can't stop and doesn't care, or maybe she wants me to watch, maybe she is getting some extra thrill out of knowing her little sister is watching her fuck with Rob.

My hands reach down to my own pussy as I become more and more horny watching them together, hearing them fuck, seeing my sister in the throws of her passion, seeing Rob, his lean body thrusting into her wet cunt. I am rubbing my clit, making myself come, trying to time it with their own orgasms, so that I will not feel left out of the passion before me.

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