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My Best Friend

I have known my best friend for about 15 years. We went to school together and have kept in touch regularly ever since. Although we live about 100 miles apart every couple of months we take it in turns to spend the weekend with each other. Clare has been married and divorced, I've been married to Frank for 4 years now. It is her turn to come to me this Friday for the weekend and I am looking forward to seeing her, knowing we will have a girl's night out on Saturday when we will get hopelessly drunk and dance the night away in some club. Frank will not like it, but he knows it is harmless enough really. I think Frank has secretly always fancied my friend Clare. She is an attractive woman with a good figure. Sometimes I've caught him looking at her and wondered what he is thinking ...he's just had that look in his eye if you know what I mean. I ask him about it the night before Clare comes to stay.

'Do you find Clare attractive Frank?'

'She's a good looking woman, yes.'

'No I mean to you fancy her, have you ever thought about her sexually?'

'What is this, 20 questions?'

I can tell by his response that he has, otherwise why so defensive? Frank and I have shared lots of fantasises, one of which has naturally involved another woman, but we've never done it, I guess there has not been the opportunity and maybe I would have felt too threatened. But as I lay in bed tonight I am thinking about it .. about Clare coming to stay...about if we were going to do that then Clare would be a good 'candidate', I trust her and know that she would not threaten my marriage having been through a divorce herself I know she would respect the situation. My mind starts to race as I think about the possibilities and I find it turns me on, that I actually am warming to the idea of really watching my husband fuck another woman, of him fucking me whilst licking another pussy, fondling other breasts. I even, surprisingly, find myself turned on by the idea of getting involved with Clare while he watches. It's not something I've ever done, been sexual with another woman, and I wonder how Clare would feel about it. I lay there with visions of Clare's naked body in front of me...parting the lips of her pussy, seeing them swollen with her desire...until sleep overtakes me.

It's Friday night and Clare has arrived. Frank has gone out with his mates for the evening leaving Clare and I to gossip and catch up with each other. Over a few glasses of wine the conversations turns to men and I ask Clare if she is seeing anyone else.

'Well, sort of Jackie, it's not love but at least my sexual needs are being met!'

'Clare, have you ever been with another woman?' I ask.

'Umm.. well sort of. When I was married to Derek, once or twice, it was his fantasy..'

'What was it like?' I say

'Why? She responds

'Well, Frank, it's one of his fantasies too, and I just wondered...'

'If I'd oblige?' she asks. This is better than I thought ...

'Would you? I mean, it might be fun,'

'Hve you talked this over with Frank?'

'No! In a way that is part of the fun, he has no idea I've been thinking about it.'

'Umm...that could be fun, Jackie, how shall we go about it?'

We talk it through, laughing and joking, or are we? I'm not quite sure if we a planning something real or just fantasising. Then Clare says something that startles me.

'You know Jackie, I've always thought you a good looking woman, I've sometimes fantasied about having sex with you..'

'Really? I can't say I had thought about having sex with another woman, until last night, and then I was thinking about you Clare. Let me get another bottle of wine.' I walk out to the kitchen to buy myself some time to think things through. I'm not sure where this is going.

At 11.30 Frank comes home. I happen to be in the kitchen making coffee, but Clare is on the sofa in the living room. When I walk in I find her and Frank in a passionate kiss. I am stunned but relaise that this is exactly what we had discussed. Frank sits up, obviously embarrassed.

'Jackie, I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything..'

'It's Ok Frank, Clare and I know what we're doing...'

I walk over to Clare, push up her top exposing her milky white breasts, her brownish nipples are erect and I bend my mouth to them. They feel firm in my mouth as I experience for the first time a woman's nipple in between my teeth, against my tongue. I know what I like and so treat Clare's nipple to the sort of action I would like to receive! Her hands reach to her own breasts and she starts to massage them, her body moving in sexual desire. I glance at Frank; he is mesmerised by my actions. Pulling away from Clare I lay on the floor, pushing my skirt up to my waist I say to her 'Come to me Clare..'

She joins me on the floor; through my knickers she starts to rub my pussy, making my juices start to flow, my knickers getting damp as she rubs them into my cunt.

'Come closer Frank,' she says, 'come and watch me fuck your wife with my fingers.'

She pushes my knickers aside, my pussy now very wet, my lips swollen and open waiting with huge anticipation to feel this woman's fingers on me, to feel her push a finger inside me and explore my sex. The more I think about it, the more my juices flow. I am full of desire and the thought o Frank watching turns me on even more.

She pushes first one and then another finger into my warm soft cunt, and I experience an explosion of vaginal juices at her touch the like of which I have never felt before. This is so horny!

'Come closer Frank,' I say and he comes towards me. I undo his trousers and slide them and his pants down. His stiff dick springs out at me, and I pull him towards my mouth, taking him deep into me, sucking, licking and teasing his cock, Clare's fingers working my oh so wet cunt. We move together for a while until Clare says.

'Come on Frank, I think I deserve some of that cock.' She lifts her skirt exposing her bare arse. Frank looks at me and I nod. He moves around behind her, at first just runnig his fingers around her pussy, and then I see him take his cock in his hand and I know from the expression on Clare's face he has entered her wet cunt. The faster and harder he is fucking her the faster and harder she is fucking me with her fingers. Her thumb playing on my clit, she is bringing me to orgasm, and I know that she wants to see me come at the same moment as she does. I can hear and see Frank thudding into her hard, his thrusts involuntarily pushing her towards me, making her fingers sink deep into my wetness. I can see by the look on his face his orgasm is about to overtake him and that knowledge, that he is about to let go his cum into my best friend's pussy brings me to my own orgasm. Clare, feeling my cunt contract and Frank growing erection, cries out 'Oh God yes, I'm coming, fuck me hard Frank, deep and hard!'

We collapse in an explosion of orgasms, falling on top of each other, exhausted.

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