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Love at First Byte

I got chatting to Matt on the Internet - we had a lot in common, not least of which was the lack of a sex life! We had flirted mildly on the net, shared a couple of mild sexual fantasies, but I got the feeling he would be up for a lot more than that. After a couple of weeks we decided to meet up.

I agreed to meet him at his flat, and wanting to make a good impression on him, dressed carefully for the encounter. Flimsy black thong that left just enough to the imagination, black stockings, see through black bra, very sexy black strappy high heels – and my coat. I hadn't had sex in over two months, and I was gagging for it!

On the drive to his flat I thought through what I would do. Just thinking about it was enough to turn me on, my pussy was wet already and I was having trouble concentrating on my driving! On the long stretch of dual carriageway, I drove with one hand on the wheel and the other on my cunt, playing with my clit, and turning myself on even more – I wasn't sure if I could last till I got to his house, but didn't want to spoil it by giving myself an orgasm before I even got there!

By the time I was standing on his doorstep I was soaking, my thighs damp with my flowing juices, it seemed to take an age for him to open the door. I was so turned on by now he couldn't have stopped me even if he had wanted to – fortunately he didn't. I stepped into the hall and he offered to take my coat, the look on his face when he realised I was all but naked underneath was one of amazement and pure delight!

'I can't wait to fuck you Matt, ' I said as I started undoing the belt on his trousers and undoing his fly, easing him back towards the stairs. I could see the bulge in his underpants growing and getting hard as I slipped his trousers down. I pushed him back so he ended up sitting on the stairs and freed his throbbing cock so I could sink my lips over it. Taking him deep in my mouth, I played with his bollocks, gently teasing them, then kissing down the shaft of his erection, taking each of his balls in my mouth in turn, gently sucking and licking them as he moaned in pleasure, all the time rubbing his stiff shaft with my hands. I was so horny by now I really didn't want to wait any longer to sink down onto his pulsing penis. I straddled him and pushed myself onto him hard, grinding my pussy down, as he lay back against the stairs, I took his hands and placed them on my tits, wanting him to squeeze and tease my breasts, which he did, although he wasn't looking at me but over my shoulder. I turned my head and realised that we hadn't shut the front door, and there was an older man watching us. I was so wet and hungry for Matt by now instead of being embarrassed I was even more turned on knowing this guy was watching me perform, his presence just made me fuck Matt harder and faster, bouncing up and down on his prick, him tweaking and twisting my nipples. When he realised I wasn't bothered by our voyeur, he really got into fucking me, thrusting into me as I was grinding down on him, it wasn't long before I felt myself coming and felt Matt shoot his load inside me.

When I turned round again the guy in the doorway had got his dick in his hands and was wanking furiously. Not wanting him to feel left out I felt the least I could do was give him a hand so leaving Matt sitting watching from the stairs I went over to him and knelt in front of him, took his cock and started rubbing it between my breasts. And then I was aware of Matt coming up behind me, running his hands over my arse, his fingers probing between the cheeks of my bottom, seeking out my little arsehole. This was more than I had hoped would happen, and my juices were really flowing again now, trickling down my thigh mingled with Matt's sperm. The guy's cock was already sticky with pre-come, and I could feel his orgasm rising I wanked him faster my mouth slightly open waiting and wanting for him to spurt into my face, into my mouth, and over my tits. His orgasm was powerful as he shot his hot cum over me, rubbing the tip of his cock against my lips, I licked and sucked him dry.

I really didn't think I should hang around any longer, so I put my coat back on and walked out, leaving them both standing there looking after me. Matt hadn't said a word to me all the time I had been there .....and I guess he was wondering if he'd ever see me again!

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