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Apart from the occasional mention in our private fantasies, we had never really ever considered sex with others. Then one day I took some very sexy photos of Lucy, and I wanted to show them off to other guys, to see what they thought. The only place I could think of was on a swingers site. So I made it clear on our profile that we were not meeting, and without telling Lucy put the pictures on. I checked again the next day, expecting at best one or two comments, to find several dozen, and over the next few days well over 100. Every single one was blown away with her photos, and most wanted to meet her. I immediately told Lucy, (after she had had a few drinks) and she was ok with me doing it, but made it clear \"there was no way we are meeting anyone\" That was fine with me, and I showed her the comments. She replied to a few of the particularly nice ones. A week or so later, she drops the bomb shell that she has agreed for us to meet a guy called Dave at his hotel restuarant. We were so nervous driving there, we nearly turned the car around and went home. When we got there he met us near the entrance and we went for the meal. We all got on well, and after the meal and several drinks later, he invited us up to his room, to my delight Lucy agreed. She was wearing a wrap around dress with cream underwear and tan hold ups. Dave poured some drinks, and I went to the loo in the en- suite. When I came out Lucy and Dave were kissing passionately, and Dave had parted her dress and was rubbing her leg above her holdup\'s and rubbing between her legs. It was one of the sexiest sights I have ever seen, and to this day it still turns me on thinking about it. Dave then undid her dress and took it off, she looked stunning in her underwear, and I heard Dave take a sharp intack of breath. She then turned to kiss me, and as she did so Dave unclipped her bra. When she broke away from kissing me, the bra fell to the floor and Dave brought his hands around and cupped her breasts. I thought my cock was going to burst out of my pants. \"Right you guys lets get your clothes off\" was what Lucy next said, and we needed no encouragement. Within a minute both us guys were naked, and Lucy crouched down and took Daves cock in her mouth, while rubbing mine with her hand, she then swapped over and started sucking mine. Dave then walked her to the bed and laid her down, and as she lifted her bottom up, he slipped her knickers down, he then parted her legs and started licking her pussy. It looked amazing. Needless to say we went on to have the most fantastic sex session, ending up with us both coming all over her boobs. The rest, as they say, is history

Written by lucyandhubby

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