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Holiday Highs

Every summer the six of us went on holiday together; three couples, 8 kids. We would rent a huge house in the south of France for two weeks and all pile down there in our cars. We'd been doing this for 7 years now and none of us had tired of it yet.

During the day we'd all swim in the pool, play games in the woods with the kids or fish in the lake. In the evenings we'd barbecue, get the kids off to bed and sit around drinking wine and playing cards or other silly games, getting more and more drunk, laughing and giggling and generally being stupid. It was great! We knew each other through the girls of course, who had met up over ten years ago when they had all been having their first babies at the same time. Now days they were still all good-looking women who had kept themselves in shape and without exception they all looked great in their bikinis and after a week or so in the sun, with tanned bodies, looked even better.

This particular night we are sitting around outside as usual. It's been a warm day and the evening is still and muggy so we sit around in swimsuits drinking wine, playing cards, telling jokes. 'It's so hot,' moans Anna, 'let's go for a swim'.

We don't usually swim at night. For one thing if the day has been hot and the night is clear, it gets a bit too chilly for swimming, but tonight, she is right, it is hot, and we are all sticky and sweaty sitting out here.

'I'm game,' says Pru, 'Me too' adds Fleur.

The girls run off to the pool and reluctantly we guys follow, slowly. But we are in for a surprise when we get there... The girls have all stripped off and are swimming naked in the water. There are a few lights around the pool and underwater lighting and it's obvious, not only from discarded bikinis by the pool side, but from bodies lit up from underneath, that they are nude.

'Come on guys, it's great in here, don't tell us you're shy!'

In all the years we've done this we haven't been like this together, and I think we are all a little nervous. Steve is the first to strip off his shorts and dive in, the girls pounce on him, pulling him under the water, which convinces Dave and I we don't want to miss out, so we strip off and jump in too. There's much grabbing of tits and dicks, laughing and joking, until we feel the chill and decide to return to the house. We all walk back naked together, not having thought to bring any towels and retreat to the downstairs bathroom to grab something to dry off with. Back in the living room the girls are still sitting around naked, and I find my prick going hard and notice the other guys are having the same experience.

'What we all need now,' says Fleur, 'is a good fuck!'

'Can't argue with that ' Dave says and moves towards his partner.

'No not with me' says Pru, I want something different tonight, or someone different.. how about you Toby?'

I look at my wife, who is just sitting there, her legs open so I can see her pussy, she just nods and smiles back at me, and Pru gets up and makes a beeline for me, grabbing at my cock, pulling me close to her, her hand on my arse. Before long bodies are entwined everywhere, my wife has Steve's cock in her mouth, I can see his hand on her cunt and imagine his fingers in there feeing her wetness. Fleur is being fucked from behind by Dave, and I have sunk my mouth over Pru's clit, teasing her with my tongue, my fingers reaching round her arse to find her hole. She has a great body which has not gone un-noticed by me in the past, and I wonder what it would feel like to push my, dick into her tight arse hole and if I dare, but just as I am thinking about it Anna says 'let's swop over.. I want to try all you guys..' I am surprised by my wife's behaviour, but thinking of my own pleasure as I head for Fleur, She lifts her legs over my shoulders and I push into her hard, she moans and cries out me 'God, yes, Toby, fuck me hard, I want to feel you hard and deep inside me!'

I am so intent upon screwing Fleur I lose touch with what is going on around me as I feel my orgasm begin to overtake me, Fleur also reaching that point of no return. I pull my cock out of her and come over her belly, aware again of the others around me falling back exhausted.

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