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Healing Hands

I've been a student nurse now for about 6 months and I've just started my stint on the orthopaedic ward. This isn't too bad, the majority of the patients are going to get better, it's mostly broken bones from motorcycle accidents, so though they may be stuck in bed, on traction or something, they are quite a lively bunch, mostly youngish, which also makes a change! David was admitted a few days ago. In his early thirties he has both his legs in plaster and one of his arms but there's nothing wrong with the rest of him! I was attracted to him the minute I set eyes on him and he made my hormones race. Each day I have to give him a bed bath, so I've seen everything, including his lovely prick, which is perfectly formed! I haven't seen it erect though, which has sort of surprised me as you would think being stripped naked and washed by an attractive woman would turn him on, it does most guys. I've just put it down to the fact that he's in pain still.

Today when I walk on to the ward though I can see him sitting up and looking much more cheerful than he has done.

'Hello Cutie, is it time for my bed bath yet' he laughs.

'All in good time David' I smile back.

I report to Sister's Office for the daily briefing.

'Ah nurse Brown, you are going to be assessed today, Staff Nurse is going to come and help with the bed baths so she can give you an appraisal'

Damn, that means I won't get to wash David by myself, just when I was thinking that today I might get to see that great cock in all it's manhood!

'Oh right, Ok Sister'.

'Don't worry nurse, I'm sure you'll do fine' says Staff.

We get the trolley and all the bits together. 'We'll start with David shall we?' says Staff.

'Lucky you David, you've got two of us today' she says as we start to pull the curtains around the bed.

'Oh, great' he replies, but I think I sense disappointment in his voice that he hasn't got me all to himself.

'Right Nurse, let's see you do your stuff' Staff says.

I move the blankets and leave David's lower half covered with just a sheet. This is good practice, although I have to confess I normally just remove everything, all the better to get a view of his great body! But today I have to do it properly. I remove his pyjama jacket and start to wash him. His chest first and his stomach. He has a toned body, slim and fit, and in spite of Staff's presence I am as usual turned on by touching him, feeling myself getting wet between the legs.

'Nurse, stop messing around, we don't have all day. Here let me show you how it should be done'.

She takes over, removes the sheet, exposing David's cock, which to my surprise is erect.

'That' she says looking down at his erection, 'I suppose is as a result of having two women around you'.

David is slightly embarrassed. 'Sorry' he says meekly, but with a cheeky grin on his face.

'Well, we can't leave you in that state David, it would hardly be fair'. I am stunned, surely Staff is not suggesting what I think she's suggesting?

She takes his dick in her hand; David is helpless, but his body jerks as she touches him and he lays his head back against the pillows and closes his eyes.

'Well don't just stand there nurse, help me out!'

'I.. what do you want me to do?'

'Take him gently in hand Nurse, be gentle now, while I rub his cock, you rub his balls, or lick them, suck them, take them in your mouth. Good God, girl do I have to explain everything?'

Hospital beds are high so I climb onto the side of the bed, lean over and start to lick David's balls while Staff rubs his cock expertly in her hand. David is moaning slightly, his eyes still closed, there is no doubt he is enjoying all this attention.

Staff is talking to him, telling him to relax

"Don't worry David, it's all part of the service here, just close your eyes and imagine you are somewhere else, maybe lying on a secluded beach, the sun warm on your skin, and two gorgeous woman, just wearing bikini bottoms are caressing and playing with you. Can you imagine what they look like, one is young with a slender body and lovely firm tits, she is licking and sucking your balls, the other is slightly older with full breasts, that you can feel brushing against your skin as she takes you prick in her hand and starts to rub it rhythmically sending wonderful sensations through you body, arousing you, making you hornyā€¯

As she is talking to him it is obvious David is getting more and more turned on. I run my hand around his bottom, still sucking on his balls, I feel them go tight, so that I know he is close to coming. I look up and see his cock in Staff's hand, the tip is exposed and it is wet and sticky. David is helpless to resist us, and it is obvious from the expression on his face he is well into the fantasy Staff has described to him. In his mind he is laying on warm sand, the sun beating down on his body, with two women touching and licking, kissing and sucking on him, and I sense he is close to orgasm.

He starts to moan louder, his body starting to jerk as the first pulses of his orgasm course through him, his cock swelling even more as his orgasm overflows; his body then relaxing, his head falling back against the pillows.

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