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Footballers Frolics

From the moment I discovered sex at about the age of 14 I was a horny little bitch. At that age though my experiences were limited, but by the time I got to 18, it was a very different story. I just loved to fuck, I loved to give blowjobs, I loved to be dirty and was probably every guys dream, with few if any inhibitions.

I had started going out with one of our local footballers. It was only a small local team, but Tim was good looking with a great body and the sex between us was wild and passionate. On Saturday afternoons I would go and watch him play and then afterwards we would go back to his flat where we would indulge ourselves in our mutual lust for each other. We shared out fantasies often so Tim knew that what I really wanted was to be with a load of guys, just being totally fucked in every way. It turned him on too, to think of watching me being screwed senseless by a load of guys. 'So why don't we?' he said that afternoon 'How?' I asked. 'Leave it to me'. I forgot about it afterwards.

This particular Saturday was not different to any other. I went to the ground as usual and now that the guy on the gate knew me I was shown up to the Manager's box where I could watch the game in the warm and dry! There was a bar in there, and after the match when the guys had had their bath they would all come up here, discuss the game and have a few drinks before going back to their wives or girlfriends. It meant that by the time Tim and I got back to his flat we were usually a little tipsy, but that just added to our passion, it was never enough to spoil it!

Surprisingly the team won, that meant Tim would be on a high. The sex between us was always better if the team had won, like it gave him an extra buzz and extra energy! When the match was over I got myself a drink while I waited for Tim to appear. Just as I was about to sit down the barman came over to me and said 'Tim has asked if you will go down to the dressing room and meet him there'. 'What now?' I asked..' 'Yes, right away'.

I knew where the dressing rooms were as Tim had shown me around before. I had seen the big old 'team bath' and wondered when they were going to update it for something more hygienic, like showers? I had found it slightly disgusting to think that all these guys got into this bath together after a match, there hot sweaty bodies, all that mud and stuff. Not something I found sexy at all, though I know others might. The only thing I envied them was their openness with each other as I thought back to my school days and how the majority of the girls would have run a mile if they had thought we had to bath together, naked!

I got to the dressing room door and knocked. With all the laughter and talking going on I wasn't sure at first if they had heard me, but eventually Tim came and opened the door. 'Kathy, come, we've got a surprise for you!' As I stepped into the room I was suddenly picked up by what felt like a dozen hands, carried over to the bath and thrown in. I didn't know whether to laugh or scream... And then I realise that they guys were all naked and jumping into the bath with me. Tim was standing still in his shorts and shirt just watching. 'This is what you wanted isn't it Kathy, relax,'

I looked around me at the team, most of them now in the bath hands reaching out to me, stripping me off, as I stood there wondering whether to protest or join in. I couldn't help it, in spite of myself I was horny, seeing all these naked men, thinking of their dicks getting stiff and all of them wanting me.. wanting to fuck me.. it was my wildest fantasy coming true.

It was wild; my clothes were practically ripped off me, hands were touching me, running over my body, fingers were pushed into my cunt, mouths sank over my tits, someone had his hand on my bottom and was running it around my crack, fingers teasing the entrance to my tight arsehole. I looked up and saw Tim watching, laughing, saying 'go on boys, she's yours, you deserve it after winning that game, she's my gift to you all, fuck her, fuck her every way, she loves to be fucked..'

There seemed to be so many of them, and Tim seemed to be fine with the idea, after all he had set it up. Since I couldn't get away I decided the best thing to do was enjoy it! In the shallow waters I reached out and found stiff pricks, which I stroked and teased, my fingers finding their little openings, feeling first one then another grow harder in my hand. Now I was being sat on the edge of the bath, still many hands playing with my tits as I felt a cock enter me, but I had no idea whose it was. It pounded into me hard while others played with my tits, my clit, my arse, my body was screaming out with sexual pleasure, but also confused by all the sensations I was experiencing at once. Now I was turned around, someone fucking my arse, and still the roaming hands and fingers, now a cock pushed into my mouth, so that I had one in every orifice. He came in my mouth as hands teased my nipples, cocks probed my cunt one after another, and fingers teased my arse.

I fell back exhausted. Suddenly it was quite, everyone seemed to have disappeared. I looked round for a towel, my clothes were lying wet on the floor. Everyone had gone.

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