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Dinner with Auntie

'Hello Tommy, have Mum and Dad gone already? They did tell you I was coming round to bring you your dinner tonight?' says my aunt Sue when I open the door. You'd think I was 10 years old instead of 18.

'Aunt Sue, yes, come in. But there really wasn't any need for you to come, I can look after myself'. I had thought a night on my own without my parents around would allow me to have some friends around, a few beers, play some music, but my parents had had other ideas and had arranged for my aunt Sue to bring my dinner and spend the evening with me, I suppose so I shouldn't get into any 'trouble'.

Aunt Sue is an attractive woman, in her mid forties I guess, she has a way of dressing that I find both smart and sluttish if that's possible. Tonight she is wearing a flowing cotton skirt, a tight but thin cotton top through which as usual her ample breasts are all too obvious. If I were older or she were a bit younger I might even find her sexually attractive, but this is my aunt, good old aunt Sue, always there in a crisis or when someone needs something doing.

She walks through to the kitchen and I can't help noticing the sway of her hips, which seems rather exaggerated, but perhaps that's because of the high heels she's wearing.

'We'll have dinner Tommy and then I've brought round a movie for us to watch. Come in here and talk to me while I sort the food out.'

Obediently I follow her into the kitchen and sit at the table while she busies herself with pots and pans.

'So have you got a girlfriend at the moment Tommy?'

I hate it when she does this.

'Yes, actually I have'

'That's nice, what's she like?'

'She's very pretty, short dark hair, she's at college at the moment. I've been seeing her for about 3 weeks'

'That's nice, so have you, you know, have you?'

'Have I what?'

'Oh Tommy don't be coy with me, you know, have you shagged her yet?'

I am shocked. 'Aunt Sue, you can't ask me that!'

'Why not we all do it and a good-looking young boy like you should be at it day and night. So go on tell me, have you?'

'Well, yes, just once.'

'Once! Oh Tommy I can see you need taking in hand. Going out with her three weeks and only fucked her once!'

'Sue, stop it, it's really none of your business!'

'Am I embarrassing you? Don't be silly. I was your age once you know. God, I was a randy young thing, anything in trousers.. I was there! Still am for that matter, did mum tell you I had met a new man?'

'No she didn't mention it, and I don't think I want to know'. But in spite of my embarrassment I was interested and half afraid she wouldn't tell me.

'Oh he's lovely, quite a bit younger than me, but that suits me, men my age have got no stamina; he's a big boy! I don't think I've ever had such a big cock in me!'

While she has been talking she's been dishing up the dinner and she lays the plate in front of me. I am aware of her low cut top as she leans over me to put the plate down and I can't help noticing her breasts are large and full. She comes to sit beside me at the table and while I am eating she continues talking, her hand at first resting on my knee, then slowly rubbing my thigh, and I am getting horny and feeling guilty, this is my Aunt!

I am glad when the meal is over and we go into the sitting room to watch the video she has brought with her. 'I think you'll like this Tommy though it may surprise you'

The video starts and it is obvious it is a home movie, a bedroom scene, a woman on the bed, wearing black stockings, a basque, and nothing else. Her legs are spread wide apart and she is playing with herself with a vibrator. And then I realise the woman is aunt Sue, maybe 10 years or so ago, but it is definitely her. She hears me gasp.

'I was good Tommy, are you surprised to see your auntie like this, fucking herself with a vibrator?'

'I think you should turn it off Sue, I don't want to see this'

'The bulge in your trousers is telling me you do, you naughty boy!' and she makes a grab at my pants, her hand easily finding my erection. She's right of course, although slightly horrified I am also very aroused, as I have sometimes had sexual thoughts about her, knowing she was on her own, wondering what she did for sex, fantasising about fucking her and showing off to her.

'Don't worry Tommy, it's Ok, no one will know, it's just you and me, there's no need to be shy.' She takes my hand and places it on her ample breast. I love the feel of her, soft and yet firm under my hand, she moves my hand under her top, frees her tits from her bra, and places my hands firmly over each breast. 'Do they feel good Tommy, I bet your little girlfriend hasn't got titties as nice as mine'.

'No' I gulp, enjoying this, but half afraid, feeling I am being very dirty indeed, touching my auntie's tits in this way.

'Come on Tommy, show auntie your cock, I've seen it before you know, but never as it will be now. Though I've often wondered about it, imagined what you look like now you are grown up, come on show me, auntie won't tell.'

So she has wondered about me too, just as I have wondered about her. Can I trust her? As I start to undo my trousers she stands up, strips off her top and removes her bra. Her lovely tits are hanging free, still firm for her age, and I want desperately to bury my head between her breasts, suck on those large pinky nipples and then take them in my mouth. My girlfriend's tits are small and hard, but these are large, round and soft.

I take my erect cock in my hand and show it to her, she sinks to her knees in front of me and takes me in her mouth. I have never experienced this before and I wonder if I can hold back or if I am going to embarrass myself even further by coming in 10 seconds! But she is skilled at this and senses my fear, gently pulling my balls downwards to delay my orgasm.

'Oh Tommy, auntie wants to fuck with you, come on Tommy, push that stiff dick into auntie's cunt'. And she bends over in front of me, lifting her skirt, and I can see her wet pink cunt, the lips slightly open. I stand up and take my cock and push into her wet pussy, she is warm and I take hold of her hips, puling her back onto me.

Just then I hear my parents key in the door, I make to pull away, but auntie reaches round and grabs my legs

'Oh no you don't, finish this, fuck me till you come'

She's right, I can't leave this undone and I fuck her hard, thrusting my full length into her, aware of my mother calling out 'Tommy, Sue, where are you?' and hearing her footsteps coming down the hall. I thrust harder and faster, auntie bent over in front of me, and I shoot my load into her. Quickly she grabs her top and puts it on over her head, she makes for the sitting room door and as she opens it I am hurriedly dressing. 'Mary, you're back.. I was just going into the kitchen to make Tommy and I some coffee, come with me..'

I retrieve the video from the player, pick up auntie's bra, which I stuff into my pocket and walk out to the kitchen to greet my parents.

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