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Corporate Hospitality

The corporate hospitality at race meeting had been flowing well, and I was glad that we were staying at the on-site hotel – the amount of champagne I had consumed there was no way I was capable of driving home. So halfway through the afternoon I decided to check into the hotel room, drink a few glasses of water, perhaps take off my high heels and change them for some sandals, and then go back to the party. It was one of those unpredictable circumstances; I arrived at the hotel and discovered that my pre-booked double room had been accidentally given to someone else. No problem they said, we will ask the gentleman to move. So I followed the receptionist down the corridor to room 254, where she knocked on the door and explained, to the rather good looking man who answered, the confusion. He offered to change rooms immediately and invited me in to wait while he packed up his things.

After the receptionist had left we made small talk while he collected his shoes, jacket, spare shirt and packed them back into his bag, whilst I was unpacking mine. We ended up standing quite close to each other in the narrow area by the door, and suddenly he pulled me towards him, his arm around my waist as he started to kiss me. I should have been shocked, and probably was, but the combination of too much champagne, finding myself in the company of a very good looking man, and being just a touch horny, I responded tentatively to his kissing. His kisses became more passionate, his tongue probing my mouth, pushing his hips in to me, so I could feel his growing erection – he ran his hands up under my t shirt, and I was half afraid and half excited at this unexpected encounter, wondering whether to stop it or encourage it. "I think we should stop this now, before it gets out of hand" I said, "Why, you know you want to ... I can tell. You have a look in your eyes that tells me you are a horny bitch, and you won't be disappointed" he said. "We've both had a lot to drink, and I maybe a horny bitch at the moment, and I do want it, but I think I might regret it later".

"You won't regret this" he said taking my hand a placing it on his trousers, over his erect cock, which I have to confess tempted me even more; his erection was firm and big, very big! "It gets even better" he said. His hands once again slipping up under my shirt, seeking out my breasts, twisting my nipples through the thin material of my bra, sending shock waves through me.

The alcohol meant that I had little will to resist, even though my head was telling me I should stop this – here I was with a complete stranger, if I had all my faculties I would have slapped his face and left, instead I let him push me back towards the bed, and push me down. I put up a half hearted struggle, mumbling things like 'we really shouldn't be doing this ..' but by this time he was sitting on top of me, unbuttoning and unzipping his trousers, and exposing his huge erection, and I wanted it.

My skirt he pushed up around my hips, took my hand and placed it on his cock, and then slid his hand towards my knickers, rubbing my cunt through my panties "My God you are wet, don't tell me you don't want this" Pushing my knickers aside with his fingers, he probed my wetness, shivers ran through my body, as I softly rubbed his firm flesh, feeling it grow sticky under my fingers; thoughts flashed through my mind about how it would feel if I let him fuck me, I don't think I had ever had such a big cock inside me; the thought was thrilling, and the danger of the situation, having sex with this stranger, in this faceless hotel room, heightening my excitement. Knowing too that in a few minutes, when this was over, we would both have to go back to the party, join the polite and well-dressed crowd, behaving as if nothing had happened, though I would still be able to feel his dampness against my knickers, and he would still have the scent of me on his fingers.

I was suddenly overcome with sexual longing, abandoning my commonsense, I pushed his trousers down, slid my body up as I lay between his strong thighs, so that his cock was poised over my pussy, and made to push my legs outwards. He took his lead from me, letting me move my legs outside his, as I exposed my cunt to him, opening myself with my fingers, offering myself to him, taking his erection and guiding him slowly - his arousal grew and he thrust hard into me making me moan, half with surprise and half with pleasure. "You dirty little bitch, I am going to fuck you so hard", and he drove and pounded his cock into me as I writhed and moved beneath him, every thrust of his huge prick making my body pulse with pleasure, and the thought of the sheer naughtiness of it all raising even further our mutual passion. As I felt the first waves of orgasm course through me, my cunt tightening around his erection, so I felt too his final arousal, as he grew bigger inside me, his body start to jerk as he came, to my cries of 'yes, harder, fuck me harder ...'

Our passions spent, we dressed quickly and leaving the room separately, went back to the party to seek out our partners ...

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