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Guess Who\\'s Coming to Dinner?

Jack was late getting home. I had tried ringing him on his mobile but it was switched off and I couldn\\'t make up my mind if I was angry or worried. At last though I heard the car pull into the drive, which made me cross and I was ready to give him a mouthful when he walked through the door. Except I couldn\\'t, because he walked through the door with another man and I wasn\\'t about to show myself up in front of a stranger.

\\'This is Tom, I\\'ve brought him back for dinner, I hope that\\'s Ok\\'.

\\'Yes, sure\\' I said. Seething inside I couldn\\'t wait to get Jack on his own and ask him what the hell he was playing at!

\\'Told you it would be all right Tom, come in here I\\'ll fix us a drink\\'.

I suppose that left me to sort out the dinner; never mind Jack would keep.

We sat down at the table together to eat. Tom didn\\'t seem to be able to take his eyes off me and I couldn\\'t help feeling that there was something sexual in his look. It wasn\\'t long before the conversation turned to women and sex. I think Jack started it by making some comment about my tits and how much cleavage I was showing. Tom seemed to think it was Ok to talk about my breasts and I wasn\\'t sure if I found it offensive or a bit of a turn on to be talked about like that by a strange man.

\\'Geena\\'s game for anything, aren\\'t you darling? We have a varied sex life, she\\'s a very sexual woman\\' said Jack.

\\'Jack, stop it, I\\'m sure Tom doesn\\'t want to know about our sex life, it\\'s hardly appropriate we\\'ve only just met!\\'

\\'Oh I think Tom would like more than just to talk about our sex life Geena, I think he\\'d like to take part\\'

Tom laughed. \\'You bet. Geena you are an attractive woman and I can\\'t think of anything I\\'d enjoy more at this moment that to spread you across this table and fuck you.\\'

I looked at Jack, who just nodded. \\'Are you both serious? Jack?\\'

\\'Why not Geena, you know I have always wanted to see you fucked, and Tom has just volunteered, get your clothes off Geena, you\\'re about to get screwed like you have never been screwed before.\\'

I was aroused by the thought of having sex with Tom, of Jack watching, so I stood up and started to remove my clothes while the two men watched. First my skirt and then my shirt, leaving me in just my panties and bra. Jack came around the table and undid my bra saying to Tom

\\'Hasn\\'t she got lovely tits Tom, feel her tits, she won\\'t mind\\'

Tom came around the table, standing behind me, putting his hands around me and grabbing my tits, holding one in each hand, rubbing my nipples and making them go erect. Jack started taking my knickers off, pulling them down my legs and helping me step out of them. Suddenly Tom bent me across the table, his hand forcing its way between my legs, and Jack was saying \\'That\\'s right Tom, fuck her, stuff your big dick right up her cunt, she\\'s been a naughty girl and she deserves to be fucked hard and punished\\'.

I felt his stiff cock pushed into me, he was hard and big and held on to my hips pulling me back on to him so that he was deep inside me and all the time Jack was standing there watching saying things like \\'go on take her, shaft her hard, fuck her\\'.

I looked round and could see Jack dropping this trousers and underpants. He had a bigger erection than I had ever seen him have before, he was wanking himself, just watching as Tom thrust himself in and out of me, and I was getting wetter and wetter feeling so helpless, but so turned on at being fucked like this in front of my husband, knowing how horny both these guys were for me.

\\'Mine turn,\\' said Jack as he swapped places with Tom, pounding his dick into my wet and open cunt, as I was playing with my own tits still bent over the dining table.

Jack pulled me off the table then saying to Tom, \\'lay on the floor\\'. Tom did as he was asked. \\'Kneel over him, shove his dick up your pussy\\'. I did as I was told, kneeling across Tom, taking his cock in my hand and inserting it into my sweet wet hole.

\\'Lean forward\\' Jack said and as I did so he ran his hands round my bottom, his fingers seeking out my arse hole, which he began to rub gently, his fingers running between my cunt where he could feel Tom\\'s prick going in and out of me, and then back to my arse where he would insert his finger into me. Suddenly I felt his stiff prick pushing against my arse, and with a swift movement he was inside me. I was so aroused I nearly came immediately, here I was, this stranger\\'s great cock in my cunt, my husband\\'s big dick in my arse and they were fucking me, Jack holding on to my hips, Tom holding my tits, twisting my nipples.

\\'Oh God, Jack I\\'m going to come, this feels incredible, fuck me boys, fuck me..\\'

As Jack\\'s cock pounded into me from behind so I ground my pussy down on Tom lying beneath me until we all came together and fell on top of each other.

It was the best dinner I\\'ve had in a long while.

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