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Boots and Shoes

The shoe shop were I worked was based in an old building, long and narrow and with a huge cellar where we kept the majority of our stock. Our manager, George, was a youngish guy, probably in his early to mid thirties and married with a couple of small children. This was my first job since leaving school and I was enjoying earning my own money and liked working in a shop.

The only boring bit about it was the stocktaking. This came around once a month and we girls took it in turns to help George. It involved spending the majority of the day in the cellar, counting all the shoes and boots, the sizes, colours etc, and usually ran on until well into the evening. This month it was my turn.

'Come down to the cellar with me Miss Chapman and take things down!' said George with a wink. It was his standing joke which none of us found particularly funny any more, but I laughed back just the same.

We had been at it all day and now the rest of the staff had gone home and we were still there. George went upstairs to make us coffee and left me checking off some stock. It had been a warm day and it was stuffy and sultry in the cellar. While he was gone I took off my jumper, leaving me in just my t-shirt. When he came back down he commented on this. 'I see you've taken me seriously at last Sarah.'


'Taking things down, well taking them off anyway'

'It's just so hot and stuffy in here George, you don't; mind do you?'

'Not at all'

He came over to me then to hand me my coffee, which he put down on a pile of shoeboxes beside me. I was leaning up against the wall and he approached me, leaning over me, balancing himself by placing one of his hands on the wall beside my head. He grabbed for my tits, 'You're a very sexy young thing you know a man could get carried away with you, down her all alone'.

I wasn't sure how to respond, but found I was sexually turned on by his actions and his comments, so I didn't pull away as he fondled my breasts.

'You've got lovely little tits, let's have a proper look.' And with a swift move he lifted my t-shirt over my head, and pulled my tits from my bra. 'God they are beautiful, so young and so firm'. His touch was making my pussy go wet, I could feel the juices running from me, making my knickers damp, as he stroked and played with me.

Still a bit unsure I hesitantly started to undo his shirt, he didn't stop me, in fact he helped, casting it to one side and then unbuttoning his trousers. I had had very little sexual experience, and was surprised when I saw how big and erect he was. This guy was obviously gagging for it! But then so was I.

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