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Be Sexy With Me

Matt and I have been seeing each other for about 3 months. We had started having sex together on our second date. It had been really steamy at first, but the longer we have known each other the more distant we have become sexually. I have grown to really like Matt, in fact I think I might be in love with him and I sort of think he may be with me, but when it comes to having sex together it just isn't working lately. I decided to do something about it and give Matt a night in the bedroom he would never forget.

He offered to cook me dinner at his flat and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity. After a very nice meal we sit on the sofa in the living room. Matt put on some music and we cuddle up. I snuggle in close and start to kiss him passionately, to which he responds, his tongue deep in my mouth, biting my lip, sucking my tongue. I find his kissing so sexy it always turns me on. I unbutton his shirt, let my hands play across his chest, teasing his nipples, which I know he likes, kissing and licking them. Matt is getting turned on too; he takes my hand and places it over his cock, getting me to rub it through his pants. 'Let's got to the bedroom Matt' I stand up and take his hand, leading him out of the living room and into the bedroom.

As he stands next to the bed I unbutton his jeans, pushing them to the floor with his underpants and push him back gently so he ends up sitting on the edge of the bed. Kneeling in front of him I take off my shirt and my bra, placing his hands on my tits. My tits are large but firm and I know he adores them. He runs his hands over my breasts, leans forward and kisses my nipples. I lift his legs and swing them onto the bed so he is lying on his back and finding the oil I have brought with me, climb across him and pour a little oil onto my hands and begin to massage it into his chest, up and out across his shoulders and down his arms to his fingers. Matt is holding my tits still, caressing them and every now and then reaching up to kiss my nipples. In between my slow massage I will lean forward and kiss him deeply on the lips.

I am now getting quite horny and so I remove my skirt and panties. I sit back across Matt's stomach knowing that he will be able to feel my wetness against his belly and hoping that realising how much I want him will arouse him even more. I turn around so my back is towards his face so that I can massage his legs now. Up from his feet, up his thighs and almost but not quite touching his balls. I spread his legs to make it easy for me to massage around under his balls and round his lovely bottom. My hands are well oiled and I run my fingers around his balls, between the cheeks of his bottom, teasing his arse with an oily finger. Matt is playing with my pussy which is practically in his face, his tongue nestling between my pussy lips, gently teasing me, arousing me, his fingers playing with my clit, which he is rubbing gently the way he knows I like it.

Carefully I slip a finger into his arse, making him tense his muscles as he lets out a sigh. 'God Gilly, that is so sexy, be gentle with me'. I tease my fingertip in and out of his arse, and in response Matt eases a finger into mine. For a while we rock together, exploring each other, giving each other incredible sensations. As my finger goes slowly and rhythmically in and out so I am taking his cock in my mouth and working it with the same rhythm. My tongue seeking out his little hole at the top, gently pushing in, wanting to taste him, feeling the tip of his cock get sticky in my mouth and as I do my own juices gush into his mouth, and I hear him groan with pleasure.

His cock is swollen, hard and big and ready for me as I am wet and ready for him.

'Oh Matt, now darling, now, take me now..' I cry out to him.

He pulls himself out from under me, positioning himself behind me and parting the cheeks of my bottom with one hand, guides his erection into my arse. A long slow and gently push at first, but then his movements become faster, deeper and he makes me cry out with desire and pleasure. I push back to meet his thrusting, every nerve in my body tingling as I feel him deep inside my most secret places. I feel my orgasm start to wash over me just as I sense his own is about to overtake him and I thrill at the thought of his spunk filling me as I feel his cock swell one last time before he gushes inside me and we collapse sated on the bed together.

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