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Back Row

The cinema was pretty empty that night. We were sitting near the back in the middle of the row; there was no one behind us and just a middle-aged couple to our left. The film wasn't as good as we thought it was going to be which is why I guess Sophie's thoughts turned to something more entertaining!

It started off as just kissing and cuddling of course. She is a very tactile woman. When she kisses me her hands always rub my chest and her kisses are long and deep. I was a bit reluctant to respond at first thinking that the cinema was not the place for this kind of kissing, but as she said 'It's dark, no one is looking, they're watching the film.' So I kissed her back and allowed myself to get involved in the moment.

But Sophie couldn't leave it there, her hands started to roam a bit more and soon she was rubbing my cock through my trousers, arousing me and making me go stiff. I was still a little worried about the couple sitting to our left and glanced across at them, but their eyes were firmly fixed on the screen, so I felt safe responding to her touch by rubbing her tits though her thin cotton shirt. Sophie has the most wonderfully shaped breasts, not too large and not too small, and whenever I touch them her nipples go erect and I could feel them now hard beneath my fingers. She took my hand and placed it on her leg, pushing it higher up her thigh until it was under her skirt and lent towards me and whispered 'I think we've got an audience'.

I glanced around and saw the guy to my left was watching us and to my surprise he didn't look away, but nudged the woman sitting next to him, who I assume was his wife and she too turned to look. Slightly embarrassed I removed my hand and sat round straight in my seat. The woman turned towards the man and obviously whispered something to him and then began to kiss him passionately and I could just make her out still looking in my direction. Sophie pulled my face towards her, 'they don't mind, I think it's turned them on' and she kissed me again, placing my hand back on her leg, pushing her skirt up as she did so, and starting to rub my cock again. Our kisses became more intense and Sophie started undoing her blouse allowing me better access to her tits so I bent forward to kiss them taking her nipples in my mouth. Every now and then I would glance back at the couple next to us only to find that they were mirroring our moves. The woman had lifted her jumper and the man's hands were caressing her breasts. 'Look' I whispered to Sophie. She looked and smiled 'Let's really give them some competition then' she said. She started undoing my jeans, looking across at the couple who were clearly watching us now, and released my erection, bent her head and took me full into her mouth. There could be no doubt about what she was doing and I was slightly nervous that this couple would think we had gone too far and call the Manager, but I needn't have worried. As if taking her cue from Sophie, the woman did the same, undoing her partner's trousers and falling on to him as if to devour his cock. He was watching Sophie as she worked on my dick, her head moving up and down rhythmically arousing me more and more, her lips locked tight around me and I was watching his wife as she gave him the same treatment.

I held Sophie's head in my hands and pulled her off me. 'Your turn' I said as I pushed her legs apart, obviously pushing her skirt up my hand seeking out her secret places. Pushing her damp knickers aside I felt she was wet and inviting, but my position meant I couldn't see what the other couple were doing. 'Tell me what he is doing' I asked Sophie, 'is he copying me?'

'Yes, he has pushed her skirt up, but, oh, he has put his head in her lap, he's gone further than you, he's licking her cunt, do you think she is as wet as I am?'

Not to be outdone I sank my face onto Sophie's dripping cunt. I can't remember the last time she was so wet or so horny and she tasted delicious. Sophie lay back in the seat, spreading her legs wide and clearly enjoying the experience!

'Jack, look' she said. I sat up and looked. The woman was sitting on his lap, facing him, they were clearly fucking and in the semi darkness I could make out her hand on his shoulders, see her rising and grinding down on him, but I couldn't see his cock slipping in and out of her, only imagine. The film was reaching it's climax and the music was getting louder as I pulled Sophie out of her seat, 'we can't let them beat us' I said.

Sophie sat across my lap taking my cock in her hand pushed me into her. My stiff prick slipped easily into her wetness and she rode me, gripping my cock tightly, bringing me closer to orgasm. I looked across at the other couple, could make out by their body movements that they were both about to come. The sight and the naughtiness of it all bringing me quickly to my own explosion.

Just then the credits started to roll and the lights to come up. We re-arranged ourselves quickly and stood to leave. As we walked out past the other couple the woman looked at me and said, 'That was without doubt the best film I have ever been to, how about you?' 'Yes' I muttered and rushed Sophie out of the cinema.

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