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Twins Club

I have a twin sister, and I just know how you guys like the idea of two girls, so I am going to tell you about what my sister and I get up to when we are alone. We are a pair of horny babes, and when we are together there is just no stopping us as we pleasure each other, bringing each other to wild and multiple orgasms, licking and sucking and fucking each other with our toys. Don't get me wrong, we love fucking with you guys, but sometimes we are just so horny we just have to do it ourselves, and no one knows quite what we each like as much as we do!

We always start off by undressing each other slowly. Sure sometimes you are just so randy you just want to rip your clothes off, but for sheer sensation nothing gets you of to a better start than being slowly and sensuously undressed by someone else. As we undress each other we will take time to caress each other's bodies, maybe stopping to kiss nipples, or just fleetingly run a hand over a pussy or a bare arse. When we are both naked one of us will make the first move, and start playing with the other. It's great when you are both involved, but for starters it's good to be able to concentrate on each other, to get each other aroused, and so perhaps I will lie back and let my sis treat me to a sexual feast, knowing that I can just lie there and experience all the incredible sensations she is giving me without feeling guilty. Perhaps first she will play with my tits, sucking my nipples, while running her hands over my stomach and across my shoulders and neck. Her touch is light and she knows just how and where to touch me to get the maximum response from my pussy, which will get wetter and wetter for her.

Maybe then she will start to insert her fingers into my cunt, holding my pussy lips apart. She will know how aroused I am because my pussy will be swollen and open. She will see its wetness glistening against my skin, she will hear me moan and feel my body react to her touches. Then she will get out the toys! I love this bit when she will insert a vibrator or dildo into my wet and open cunt, working it in and out of me a she knows I like, sometimes fast and light sometimes hard and long, her fingers teasing my clit and all the time her face just inches away from my pussy so that now and then she can add her tongue to the action she is giving me.

By now I am so turned on I want her to fill my every hole and that's just what she's going to do, taking our smallest vibrator, inserting it into my tight arsehole and turning it full on, while another is in my cunt giving me the same treatment. My body is filled with sensations, my cunt positively dripping my love juices and she will lick them all up while my body twists and turns and moans out to her for more. I will orgasm, my cunt and my arse tightening around the toys, and she will push them deeper into me saying ' no, I'm not going to stop, I'm going to drive you wild', and I will come again and again until I am begging her to stop.

WE will change places then, and it is her turn to be pleasured. Luckily for me she loves the taste of my cunt and so I will sit across her face while she licks me dry, or tries to, and I will play with her cunt, pushing my fingers deep into her, first one, then two, then three, until my whole hand is pushed deep inside her and I can fuck her with my fist. How she loves that! Now it is her turn to moan and cry out to me, 'enough, ' as I feel her cunt tighten and her orgasm over takes her, her cunt spurting out juices which I will lick up before I lock my mouth on to hers and kiss her deeply.

Written by Belles Directory

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