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The Surveyor

I'm a house surveyor. In my job I often find myself in a house alone with a woman, but I have never found myself in a compromising situation with any of them. That's the sort of stuff stories are made of and in real life it just doesn't happen!

On this particular day I am going to survey a house owned by a Mrs Turner. As usual I know nothing about her, so I am pleasantly surprised when an attractive petite brunette opens the door to me. She seems nervous, which isn't uncommon, but with her it is more than I would expect. She makes me coffee and I start my survey wandering round the downstairs, the garden, and back into the house to check the upstairs.

She comes into the bedroom behind me. 'How's it going?'

'Well, I'm not really supposed to comment Mrs Turner, this report is for the purchaser you know'.

'Yes, yes, I know but I am so anxious to sell this house, I really couldn't bear it if something went wrong now, surely you can just tell me if it will be OK, you haven't found anything wrong have you?'

'Like I said Mrs Turner, I'm not at liberty to say'.

'Oh please, just put my mind at rest, there must be something you can say, I can make it worth your while'

'I hope you're not offering me a bribe!'

'No, I didn't mean that, I don't have any money, I just meant .... I don't know really'

I have found this woman attractive since I walked through the door and standing here in her bedroom I am suddenly overcome with sexual desire for her, my cock has gone stiff in my pants with the idea that maybe I can fuck her, here and now, hard, fast, without explanation.

'Just what would you be willing to do Mrs Turner'

'Anything, anything you like,' she smiles at me, and I know she has felt the attraction too.

I put down my pad and pen, and step closer to her, ripping open her blouse, undoing her skirt and letting it drop to the floor, pushing her back onto the bed, pulling off her knickers, removing her bra. She is as involved as I am, unbuttoning my shirt, unzipping my trousers until in no time at all we are both naked on the bed. She has full heavy tits, with large nipples that I take between my teeth and tease, her body arching with pleasure, her hands taking hold of my dick. There is desperation about our contact and I push my hand between her legs, roughly searching for her cunt that I know will be wet and open. I push my fingers into her, getting them wet and sticky and then offering them to her mouth so that she can taste herself. She licks my fingers, which turns me on even more.

'Fuck me, shove your cock into me, I want you, I need you to fuck me hard and deep' she whispers to me.

But I have other ideas; I turn her over, kneeling behind her, pulling her hips up towards me, so that her arse and cunt are exposed to me. I push my fingers into her cunt hard and deep making her moan with pleasure, fucking her with my hand, and she is getting wetter her cunt now glistening with her moistness. Removing my wet and sticky fingers I run my hand round her arse, finding her little arsehole insert one finger, which slips in surprisingly easily. She moans out to me 'Oh yes, God, yes, fuck my arse, fuck me deep'

I take my prick in my hand and parting the cheeks of her bottom with the other, push myself into her arse, slowly at first, but once inside her push deeper and start to fuck her faster, a hand on her wet cunt, fingers inside her, she is going wild with pleasure, crying out to me 'I am such a naughty girl. I want you to fuck me so hard, fuck me deep.'

Her arse is tight as I shove my full length in and out of her, her hips moving back and forwards in time with me, giving me deeper and deeper access. 'You dirty bitch, you need a good fucking and I'm going to give it to you'. I pound into her one last time, shooting my cum into her and we collapse together on the bed.

I get up and dress. 'I think I've seen all I need to see Mrs Turner, I'll be off now' I say. She is still lying there on the bed, face down, her naked body exhausted by our sex. 'I'll let myself out'.

Her house was fine anyway, she had no need to worry.

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