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Girl Upstairs

i was on holiday in portugal and its in a complex. its a nice place with a pool and as park. we have rented a downstair apartment with garden. i am 17 at the time. my parents have just gone to the beach. so i am sitting watching tv then i decided to go and soak up the sun outside in the garden.

the garden is full of hedges and you cant see in. so i am sitting their and decided to take my shorts of so my dick is hanging out. i am on my laptop and decided to have a look on some porn. i am sitting their wanking but then the window opens but i havent noticed and then a girl who looks about my age is their and she is just watching. she is tall blonde with nice looking tits. then she shouts out nice dick. i look up in shocked and i jump up and start to put my clothes on but she shouts to me "dont stop" i am shocked at this but she was smiling so i decided to do it.

she then takes of her top and all she is wearing is a small white bra and at this time i am so horny. she shouts down that she is so wet. so i say come down here and we can talk. so she closed the window and comes down.

she comes up to me and put her hsnd on my dick and starts to lick it. she is teasing me at this time. putting her fingers up my arse hole. then she starts to take of her clothes and i start to lick her wet cunt. she licking my dick at the time then she says look what i got and she has in her hand an bottle of whip cream.

she puts it all over her then on my dick. she holds my dick and puts it in her mouth.she is loving it. i then stick my dick in her wet cunt and we fuck and just as i am about to cum she pulles it out and puts it in her mouth. she then puts her clothes on goes upstairs and shouts out of the window....

same time tomorrow.

Written by alex

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