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Ball Games

There was a frisson between us that I think we both felt the minute I opened the door to her, a sexual chemistry. She was just the type of woman I went for. Slim and petite, her long dark hair tumbling over her shoulders, I could make out small pert tits under her shirt. I had asked her here to discuss the catering for a party I was throwing later in the month. She had arrived looking smart and elegant, business-like in her dark suit, high heels and black stockings. I took her into the snooker room, the room where the party was to be held, so we could sit and chat and formalise the arrangements.

As we sat opposite each other, she kept giving me those furtive glances that told me she was interested in more than just the party arrangements. As she crossed her legs her skirt rode up, giving a glimpse of the stockings I knew she would be wearing, here was a truly sexual woman, she just couldn't help it, and I wanted to know her, to taste her, to have her.

"Lets lay out the brochures on the snooker table” she said, "It'll be easier for you to compare them”.

She got up with sensuous movements that made my pulse start to race so that by the time we were next to the table my erection was pushing against my thigh.

"I think I ought to get to know you a bit better before I can make any decisions about your company,” I said

"Sounds good to me” she replied, undoing her blouse, exposing a gold bra, that contained perfectly formed small breasts, She slipped off her shirt, and started undoing her skirt, letting it slip to the floor revealing black suspenders and knickers. She reached out to me, grabbing my cock through my trousers.

"My what a big boy you are, do you want to fuck me?”

I lifted her up then onto the snooker table, unzipping my trousers and freeing my cock for her to see. As she lay back on the table, she pulled her bra down, showing off those wonderful pert tits, and took my cock in her hand, gently squeezing my balls, as I leaned forward to take her wonderfully erect nipples in my mouth.

Overcome by my desire for her, I start to take off my shirt and trousers, and climbing up onto the table with her, kneel across her, my cock resting between her breasts, her legs open behind me, and I imagine what her cunt looks like as I rub my cock over her pert little tits. She is moaning and muttering beneath me,

"Oh God, I want you, yes I want you, I want to taste you in my mouth”.

Moving to the side of her face, I gently push the tip of my prick into her parted lips, her dark hair falling across the table, her red lips opening to take me into her mouth. I notice her hands creep down her body as she reaches for her pussy, her knees drawn up, her legs spread apart, her fingers searching her own wetness, and I imagine what she feels like, what she tastes likes and know that soon I am going to take her, but not before I have felt her cherry lips tight around my cock, her tongue moving across the tip of my prick, and pushed my full length into her mouth and deep into her throat. She sucks me hard and long, flicking her tongue across the tip of my cock, and I am so aroused, so big for her, I fill her mouth with my erection.

I lay her back across the width of the table now, as I can wait no longer to taste her, spreading her legs wide, I start to devour her; she tastes sweet as I imagined she would, and she is so wet for me, her body twisting and writhing as I search out her clit with my tongue, holding the lips of her pussy open, so I can get my tongue deep inside her, and she moans slightly, her breath coming faster, her body arching. I can sense that she is close to coming and I want to bring her to orgasm this way, so that she is satisfied and sated before I take her body for my own pleasure. With a final twist and arch of her body I feel her orgasm overtake her and her cunt become even moister against my mouth. I drink her in, the lovely warmth and sweetness of her body as she shudders and thrills beneath my touch.

I turn her over now, so she is on all fours, her lovely bottom pushed up to me, so making it easy for me to enter her from behind. I pause for a moment to look and touch her cunt with my fingers, to feel her wet again, and in so arousing her watch her pussy lips swell and part telling me she is ready and receptive for me, wanting me, waiting for the moment when I enter her. But not yet, first I want to arouse her more, my fingers searching out her clit, which I rub gently, so she moves and pushes her bottom back towards me, offering herself for my pleasure.

I am so stiff with desire for her my cock aches, and I can wait no longer. With one hand on her bottom I thrust myself hard into her cunt, feeling the tightness as she pushes hard back against me, wanting me as deep in her as I can be. Since she first walked through the door this is what I have wanted, to fuck her, to feel my cock pushed deep inside her, and thinking only about my pleasure I orgasm, filling her with my cum.

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