Plymouth Sex Shops

It is not uncommon to come across sex shops in Plymouth. Sex shops mainly sell products that add spice to sex. People either visit Plymouth sex shops to buy products that would improve their sex life or to buy precautions. The items range from pornographic books, erotic videos, sex toys, lingerie and also products like condoms and diaphragm that helps in preventing sexual diseases. Some sex shops only sell or rent sex videos and erotic books, these shops are called 'adult video store' or the 'adult book store'. In most jurisdiction sex shops are regulated by law but the laws are not very stringent.

Anyone above the age of eighteen can visit sex shops. In case the shopkeeper feels the customer is a minor, he or she can ask for an age verification certificate or document. If the customer is proved to be below the age of eighteen he or she is asked to leave immediately. In case a shopkeeper is caught selling sex products to a minor his or her license is revoked and he or she is arrested.

In the United Kingdom and hence in Plymouth, there are two models of sex shops; licensed and unlicensed. The licensed sex shops can sell hardcore sex products starting from sexy lingerie to sex toys but the unlicensed sex shops can only sell erotic books and sex videos along with other non sexual products like comics and story books.

Though it is not illegal to own a sex shop in Plymouth or anywhere else in the United Kingdom it is illegal to display its wares on the window sill or outside. This law has been enforced keeping in mind the young children and uncomfortable passersby. After all not everybody likes to look at sexual objects in public. The sex shops, therefore, keep there windows boarded up or they stick posters on them. Also warning sign is clearly shown at the entrance of the sex shops as the law of the United Kingdom demands it.

Since the law of the United Kingdom is less strict than many other countries especially the Muslim countries, many people prefer to buy sex toys or other products from these stores. They then take them back to their country. Previously in the United Kingdom, it was against the law to advertise for job vacancies in such shops. It, however, changed after 'Ann Summers' chain of lingerie and sex shops won the right to advertise for shop assistants in Job Centres.

Like in most places people of Plymouth have also opened online sex stores. This is preferred by many over the regular stores. There are some people who have inhibitions about visiting Plymouth sex shops they, therefore, buy the same kind of products off the internet.

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