North Lanarkshire Escorts

North Lanarkshire is known for its escorts services. An escort is basically a chaperone or a guide. Escorts services were designed to provide companionship to the lonely or to the people who had no dates. Traditionally they would accompany their clients to social functions or would show them around the town of North lanarkshire, but gradually the escorts become more of a date than guides.

The North Lanarkshire escorts services get their clients by advertising in the local newspapers or in the telephone listings such as the yellow pages. However, the larger escort services maintain websites where the pictures of the escorts are available. The clients can book an escort by calling up the escorts service; all they have to do is give a description of the kind of escort they are looking for. Once the escort is decided upon, the contact information of the client is passed on to the escort. A certain place is selected for the meeting; it can be anywhere starting from the client's home, a hotel room to a coffee shop. To ensure safety the North Lanarkshire escorts call the escort services on reaching and on leaving the meeting point. Most escorts travel across the United Kingdom with their clients. A price is negotiated accordingly before the commencement of the service.

North Lanarkshire Escorts services look to hire beautiful women or models to increase their clientele. The wannabe escorts get to know about the vacancies through the advertisements placed in magazines and local newspapers. Escorts services look to maintain a list of escorts of different appearances and ages to cater to a wider client base. Once an escort is hired he or she is photographed; these photographs are then uploaded onto their website to attract clients. A typical escort service website has hundreds of pictures of beautiful girls. An interested party can book an escort online or can call through the number provided in the website.

There are different kinds of escort agencies in and around North Lanarkshire; male for male, female for male, male for female and female for female. Most escorts in North Lanarkshire provide more than companionship and often sex is included in the package but since prostitution is illegal the agencies play safe by claiming that they provide social and conversational services. The agencies claim that the money exchanged between the client and the agency is purely because of the companionship provided by the escort. If sex is involved then it is solely at the discretion of the escort and the agency has no role to play. The escort agencies argue that though prostitution is illegal; sex between two consenting adults is not.

Legal issues or no, the escorts services have thrived in and around North Lanarkshire. These services have grown by manifold in the last few years. In fact, the escorts attract tourists from all over Scotland.

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